Find Profit in Unwanted Problems: Buy Flips with Bad Windows

Flipping houses isn’t the same as it used to be. Whether it’s because of the changes in the economy, increased use of databases by companies to find low-hanging fruit, or how the idea has been popularized by a series of home improvement shows, it’s harder and harder to find traditionally profitable homes. One of the best strategies is to find homes that have an unpleasant but relatively inexpensive rehab requirement: novices in the industry will think the problem is far more complicated than it is, and major companies have a checklist of risk factors that make them dismiss homes sight unseen. So look for homes with moderate problems, such as old windows.

Find Profit in Unwanted Problems: Buy Flips with Bad Windows

Old windows are finding their place in the new housing market. Along with other features such as preserved wooden floors, cobblestone driveways, and antique fixtures, old windows are becoming an attractive point you can list when putting your property on the market. If you want to tap into the market that likes antique or classical features but you can’t leave the windows as-is, retrofitting might be precisely the solution you’re looking for. Here’s why:

Old wood-framed windows add charm and durability.

Older styles are rarely duplicated in mass-produced window frames, and windows are often one of the main features of curb appeal for drawing potential buyers to a property. Additionally, the older construction methods and even the specific types of wood used to build window frames make them sturdier and easier to repair than modern frames.

Retrofitting can add all of the advantages of insulation and water-sealing.

One of the main reasons why people want to replace their windows is because the current ones have a problem. Whether it’s water dripping in through the corners during a storm or a continual draft that just can’t seem to be plugged up, both of these problems and more can be solved through retrofitting and repairs. It also offers short-term savings: while replacing the windows might save you in energy costs over the next fifteen to twenty years, retrofitting is the better choice since you plan on selling. If you’re considering turning the property into a rental, just be very clear about utilities in the lease agreement.

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