Create Distinctive Looks in Your Home with Faux Finishes

Custom paint is an excellent, cost-effective way to add interest to the interior of your residence. When getting one or more rooms painted, consider adding faux finishes that will produce a distinctive appearance in your home.

Create Distinctive Looks in Your Home with Faux Finishes

To create a stylish look on walls and ceilings, one popular choice with homeowners is sponging. After applying a base coat of paint and letting it dry, a sponge is used to softly dab the surface to create a lovely design or texture utilizing a mixture of glaze and coordinating paint colors of your choice. This type of finish will add depth to any room. Because techniques vary, sponging creates a unique appearance that you’re sure to love.

Color washing is another excellent way to add a unique look to one or more walls in your home. Such a treatment looks quite stylish in a master bedroom or family area. Color washing will create a textured, Old World appearance on a wall. After a base coat is applied, a different color of paint mixed with glaze is applied. The base coat will still show through but with a softer look. Depending on your preferences, additional layers might be needed. This type of custom faux finish adds dimension to a room and makes a perfect accent in a home.

If you want a truly unique and exciting look in one of your bathrooms, consider getting a harlequin faux finish on the walls. The diamond-shaped pattern will create immediate interest in the room. Select gorgeous paint colors in two similar tones for a fabulous result. You can even outline each diamond in gold, silver, or some other shade of metallic paint for a chic appearance that you won’t see in many homes.

Multiple types of beautiful faux finishes exist for residential homes. For more information on the kinds of custom faux finishes you can get for your walls and ceilings, please contact us today.

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