To Paint or Stain a Kitchen Resurfacing Project


Painting can be a tricky area. No one homeowner has the same taste in color and there are thousands of possible combinations to choose from. Stains are another good way to change the color of your cabinets, but it depends on the type of material your cabinets are made of. If you have fine wood with little knots, consider staining it. You can give your cabinets great character by letting the stain show off your wood’s grain. If you have a lot of knots, consider sticking with paint. A thick paint can make even the worst of wood look great.

To Paint or Stain a Kitchen Resurfacing Project


Clear the area of any items. Paint splatters, spills and drip, so you should definitely move your stuff to a safe distance or to an entirely different room altogether. Always use drop cloths wherever your cabinets are, otherwise you run the risk of having the paint permanently stain your carpet, tiles or whatever surface you have. You can mitigate a potential disaster by having a damp rag nearby.  If you’re working near glass and the paint dries up before you could get to it, don’t panic. Make sure you have a scraper handy and just lightly get the paint off. Don’t use too much force, otherwise, you run the risk of scratching the glass.


Always remove whatever doors, handles, hinges, or drawers that come with the cabinet to ensure a more even paint job. Then, you sand or scrape the cabinets down. If you decide to scrape the cabinets, use a good carbide scraper when removing paint or a stain. If you want to sand it down, use sandpaper anywhere from 80 to 150 grit, it depends on how many Orbits your sander makes per minute (typical ranges are from 11000 – 15000). If you must use a power sander, have a shop vac running in one hand and the sander in another. Some sanders have a bag attachment which collects dust. This can be removed and have an shop vac attachment instead, you can even get an adaptor if the shop vac and sander don’t match size. When cleaning the dust off the cabinets, use tack cloth. Then it’s time to change its color!

This type of project is not for the faint of heart, for most it is advisable to hire a professional to do it. If you have any questions, please give us a call

3 Signs You Need Professional Sprinkler System Repair

It is very important that your sprinkler system functions as it should in order to ensure that your grass stays thick and green. If your sprinkler systems are not working properly, then you are going to have issues with your grass growing as it should. Thankfully, there are professionals who can help you when something goes wrong with your sprinkler system. Here are three signs that you need professional sprinkler system repair.

3 Signs You Need Professional Sprinkler System Repair

Your Sprinkler Head Is Cracked

If your sprinkler head is cracked, you will notice that it doesn’t spray out of the head as it normally would. The water will instead shoot in random directions, often missing the spot that it is supposed to water all together. If this has happened to one or more of your sprinkler heads, it is a good idea to call a professional right away. They will be able to replace your sprinkler heads for you and get them functioning as they should once again.

Poor Water Pressure

If you notice that you have poor water pressure when you turn on your sprinkler system, this could be a sign of a more serious issue going on underneath the ground. You may have a pipe that is cracked, or you may have a clog in your irrigation pipes, such as a rock, dirt, etc. The longer this is left unchecked, the more damage that can occur. The best course of action in this situation is to call a professional and have them come and discover what the issue is and then fix it for you.

Your Irrigation Clock Isn’t Functioning Properly

One of the most important features of your sprinkler system is your irrigation clock. This is the clock that regulates your sprinklers and controls when they turn on, in what order they turn on, and how long they water. If you notice that your sprinklers aren’t functioning as they should, this may be a sign of an issue with your irrigation clock. Calling a professional to repair your clock is the best way to get it functioning as it should as soon as possible.

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3 Signs You Need To Have Your Hardwood Floors Repaired

Having a hardwood floor in your home is an amazing investment. You have a beautiful floor that lasts you for many years. However, overtime your hardwood floor may need to be repaired. This is quite normal and hiring a professional allows you to get your floors looking as good as new once again. Here are three signs that you need to have your hardwood floors repaired.

3 Signs You Need To Have Your Hardwood Floors Repaired

You Have Warped Boards

If you notice that one or more of your hardwood boards have started to warp, then this is a sign that you need to have them replaced. This warping is often caused by water damage to the wood and can cause the wood to become both unsafe and unsightly. A professional will be able to replace all the wood boards that have become warped, which will leave your floor looking beautiful again.

Your Floor Is Over 20 Years Old 

If your hardwood floor is over 20 years old, then it is likely time for you to have it refinished. The finish on your hardwood floors protects it from a great deal of damage and deterioration, so you want to make sure that you have a strong finish in place. A professional can refinish your entire hardwood floors for you and give your floor new life once again.

Your Hearing Creaking Sounds When Walking

If you notice that your hardwood floor makes a lot of creaking noises when you walk on it, this is another sign that repair is needed. The boards tend to become creaky when they are loose. The solution to this problem is to have a professional come to your home and tighten all the loose boards for you.

To learn more signs that you need to have your hardwood floors repaired, or to hire a professional today, visit us at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service.

Why Drywall Repairs Should Not Be Ignored

All too often we ignore little repairs that come up in our homes. We think, “It’s just a little thing, it can wait…” However, those little repairs can turn into big repairs. We all know how stressful a massive repair is, so it is better to take care of the problem when we first spot it.

Why Drywall Repairs Should Not Be Ignored

How Do Drywall Issues Arise?

One type of issue you shouldn’t ignore is the drywall in your home. Sometimes we may overlook these little issues, but they are important. Let’s take a look at some reasons you may need drywall repairs today.

There are several reasons why you may need drywall repairs done in your home. One of the most common reasons is simply time. Over time houses settle and the natural placement of the house shifts causing the drywall to crack.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as a nail you put into the wall has caused the drywall to crack open. These cracks, though small at first, grow over time. This is why it is so important to start the process of fixing it right away. You will only have bigger problems down the line once those little cracks turn into big ones.

There are other reasons, too, that cause drywall to become damaged. They can range from plumbing issues to wallpaper, and everything in between.

Why Should You Get Your Drywall Repaired

So why should you get these repairs done? The problem with cracks and holes in your drywall is that they make it easier for moisture to get inside the walls. Moisture inside the wall is detrimental. It will eat away at your house, and nobody wants that.

Drywall repairs should not be ignored, so if you see something wrong with your drywall be sure to call a professional who can take care of the issue quickly. This will save you numerous headaches in the future. By taking care of your drywall issues when you first spot them you are preventing any further damage from happening. Instead of dealing with several issues you’ll only be dealing with one: the drywall.

If you need help, or want more information, please contact us! We use our expertise to help you through this process and to fix all the issues you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Why You Should Have A Professional Install Your Front Door

If you are looking to have a new front door installed on your home, this is a great idea. Your front door is the most important door that your home has and you want to make sure that you have an excellent one. When you have your front door installed, it is very important that you call a professional to come and do it for you. Here are two reasons why you should have a professional install your front door for you.

Why You Should Have A Professional Install Your Front Door

It Is Properly Insulated 

One excellent reason to hire a professional to install your front door for you is because they will make sure that the front door is very well insulated. They will show you a variety of well-insulated doors that meet your needs, and you can pick the one that you feel is best for your home. This door will then be installed onto the frame and will have insulation all the way around it, so that it seals tightly when closed. This helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Less Stress For You 

Lastly, when you hire a professional to install your front door for you, this is one less thing that you have to worry about. This can help reduce your stress levels a great deal. You no longer have to think about what door is best, what supplies to buy, how to install the door on your own, how to make it safe, and the list goes on. The professional who installs your door will take care of all of this and make sure you are happy with the end results.

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Should You Repair Your House Before Selling?

If you intend to sell your house soon, you’ll need to decide what to fix or replace beforehand. Around seven out of 10 homebuyers seek dwellings that don’t need any major repairs, according to a recent survey. Some people still look for “fixer-uppers,” but renovations would help your home appeal to many more potential buyers.  You may be asking yourself if you should repair your house before selling.

Should You Repair Your House Before Selling?

Selling Process

If your house has significant flaws, more people are likely to look at the property without making offers. A sale may fall through after the buyer reads a professional inspection report, and banks could refuse to approve mortgage applications if the house is in poor or dangerous condition. These problems will slow down the process.

Things to Fix

At a minimum, try to complete multiple small, inexpensive repairs. A homebuyer who is willing to accept one major defect might get discouraged if there’s also numerous minor flaws. Several small problems could combine to create delays and reduce the selling price by thousands of dollars.

Understandably, it’s difficult to perform major repairs if you don’t have a lot of extra cash. One option is to take out a home equity or improvement loan. Some equipment installers directly offer financing for things like heating systems and roofs. You’ll need to have a sufficiently high credit score.

If borrowing money isn’t realistic, you could expedite the selling process by openly disclosing the problems and offering your house “as is.” An alternative is to promise that you’ll complete a major repair when the home sells. This still deters some buyers, but it reduces the level of risk for the seller.

The right choice differs depending on the condition of your house, its potential value and your budget. If you need help with repairs, please contact us today. Our skillful and friendly staff works to promptly fix a wide range of problems at affordable rates.

3 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For A Kid’s Bathroom

If you are looking to remodel your kid’s bathroom, there are so many amazing things that you can do to improve it and make it the perfect bathroom for your kids. Here are three bathroom remodeling tips for a kid’s bathroom.

3 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For A Kid's Bathroom

Install A Large Vanity

When it comes to picking out the vanity for your kid’s bathroom, you want to go with something that is large. This allows you to install multiple sinks into the vanity and hang a large mirror above it. This makes it possible for more than one kid to use the bathroom at the same time and makes it much more functional for you.

Choose A Soft Close Toilet Lid 

Another excellent idea for your kid’s bathroom remodel, is to replace your old toilet for one that has a soft close lid. A toilet like this is beneficial for many reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about the lid becoming damaged from being slammed down. Secondly, this can also help reduce the chance that anyone gets hurt when the toilet lid is slammed down. Finally, the soft close toilet lid is also much quieter, so you won’t wake up in the night if your child needs to go to the bathroom.

Incorporate A Lot Of Storage

Lastly, you want to make sure that you incorporate a lot of storage into your kid’s bathroom, during the remodeling process. You can have cabinets underneath the vanity that hold a great deal of items, as well as shelves behind your toilet, shelves on the walls, hooks for towels, and more. This ensures that your kids have plenty of space to store all of their items.

To learn more excellent bathroom remodeling tips for a kid’s bathroom, or to get the remodeling process started today, visit us at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service.

2 Great Ways To Refinish Your Cabinets

If you are wanting to refinish your cabinets, you have so many amazing options to consider. Refinishing your cabinets can completely makeover your kitchen and give it a fun, fresh look. It is also great because refinishing your cabinets doesn’t have to be expensive, so it allows you to stay within your budget. Here are two great ways to refinish your cabinets.

2 Great Ways To Refinish Your Cabinets

Add A New Stain

One awesome way to refinish your cabinets is to add a fresh stain to them. To do this, you first remove the old stain by sanding them down. This gives you a fresh base to start with and allows you to stain your cabinets whatever color you’d like. The new stain will make your cabinets look as good as new and will help you to really enjoy your kitchen.

Paint Them A Fresh Color 

Another awesome way to refinish your cabinets is to paint them a color. If you are used to having natural wood cabinets, painting them a new color can completely transform your kitchen. If you are looking to open up the space and make it look brighter and more open, then you can paint your cabinets a lighter color, such as white. If you want to add some dimension and color, you can go with white cabinets on top and a darker color on the bottom, such as a dark blue. You can also choose what type of paint you’d like to apply to your cabinets, such as paints with a matte or glossy finish. This makes it possible for you to makeover your kitchen and give it whatever new look that you’d like.

If you’d like to learn more great ways to refinish your cabinets, or to have a professional help you today, visit us at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service.

Why Your Home Or Business Should Be Connected To A Wireless Video Security System

Wireless video security systems are becoming increasingly popular among residential and commercial business owners. According to Safe Wise, “52 percent of all burglaries reported, occurred in the daytime, but only 13 percent were solved due to a lack of witnesses. The experts suggest; “installing a wireless video security system” to protect your home and the ones you love. Burglars look for an easy target and will often avoid houses or businesses with cameras. However, when there’s a lack of witnesses, a camera can do a lot to help the police recover your stolen possessions. Discover how Excellent American Painting & Handyman Services can improve or restore your residential security by reading more details below.

Why Your Home Or Business Should Be Connected To A Wireless Video Security System

What Is A Wireless Video Security System?

A wireless video security system is a digital recording of what’s going on in your home. It’s constant monitoring while you’re home or on the go. Today, many wireless video security systems are ran through smart home technology. In fact, residential customers have the benefits of placing cameras in one room or every area of their home (inside and out). There are several variations of wireless video security systems available. Often times, the more cameras you have, the more it will cost.

Discover Why Customers Prefer Excellent American Painting And Handyman Services

At Excellent American Painting & Handyman Services, we have your to-do list covered. We understand how crime has increased and work hard to provide you with a peace of mind with each video security system install. Our team of professionals are experienced in both live and recorded video technology. If you’re not sure what works best for you, we’ll provide our expert advice to help you find a security solution that best suits your needs. We ensure that you’ll never have to put off another residential “big project.”

You’re invited to contact us for a free estimate today! At Excellent American Painting & Handyman, we have a one-call solution for all of your residential and commercial needs.

Best Kitchen Remodels for the Holidays

Kitchens get a lot of attention during the holidays with cooking, catering, entertaining, and crafts. So it makes sense that you would want your kitchen looking its best and providing a functional space to accomplish all those holiday activities. Remodeling your kitchen can be simple with these suggestions.

Best Kitchen Remodels for the Holidays

New Flooring

There are many flooring options on the market to fit your budget and your style. Linoleum and vinyl flooring are two budget-friendly choices.  They are water-resistant and come in a variety of styles and qualities.  If you would like something more resistant to wear and tear, a ceramic or porcelain tile will provide a beautiful and solid look that will stand the test of time.


Kitchen countertops get lots of use during the holidays. Whether you need additional counter space or an upgrade to your old countertops, there are many things you can do to get your kitchen ready for the holiday season. Make room for those holiday dishes with additional counter space. For larger kitchens, installing an island can make room for your food and your guests. If counter space is not an issue, you may want to upgrade your countertops with granite, marble, laminate, or stone. Countertop materials come in a variety of styles and costs.

Opening up space

If your kitchen seems small and closed off, you may consider hiring a professional contractor to open up the space.  Depending on the layout of your kitchen, this remodel may include rearranging the kitchen to make the room more spacious or opening up the area by taking out a wall to an adjoining room. These types of remodels are best done by professionals due to the technicality and complexity of the process.

Whether you are entertaining friends and family or playing it safe at home with your immediate family members, a kitchen remodel will make the holidays more pleasant.  We can help you find options within your budget or make your kitchen remodel ideas come to reality. Please contact us today for a consultation.