Discover Affordable Professional Handyman Services In Your Area

A professional handyman can help patrons get difficult tasks done around their residence or business. With the right certification, they can save you the expense of hiring a contracting technician for specific repairs. Consider the fact that a handyman can tackle many repairs that you may not have the know how to do. Plus, a professional handyman can do the dirty jobs around the house that you don’t want to touch. For example, working on the toilet can be a tough job, but you can hire a handyman to tackle a running toilet, leaks, or a clog and save on the costs of hiring an actual plumber.

Discover Affordable Professional Handyman Services In Your Area

What To Look For With Professional Handyman Services

If you have weekend projects that need to get done, our professional handyman services can handle those tasks by being available on the weekend. Weekend hours are a great time for busy professionals to handle many projects they’re unable to do during the week. Plus, our professional handymen are bonded and insured. A qualified handyman should have the proper certification to handle carpentry, painting, landscaping, and plumbing services. Professional handyman services can simplify many tasks around your business or home.

Reliable Professional Handyman Services

  • clean your gutters
  • minor roof repairs
  • install cabinets
  • lighting installation
  • window treatment/care
  • office repairs
  • general home maintenance

and much more…

Excellent American Painting & Handyman Services are proud to serve the Frisco, TX and surrounding areas with superior service for over 10+ years. Our team of dedicated professionals have high-quality standards to please our clients. Our team of field experts are available 7 days a week. We specialize in home improvements in and around your home. Whether you need a touch-up on your residential trim or fully remodeling your kitchen, we’re just a phone call away. If you don’t find what you’re looking for give our professionals a call, 214-938-1088. You’re encouraged to contact us at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Services for a free no obligation estimate.

Trendy Kitchen Updates and Why They Are So Popular

So you have decided to give your kitchen a refresh! Updating appliances and paint colors is a popular way to give your kitchen that modern look.  But what new trends will make your kitchen more functional and efficient?  Let’s take a look at several popular trends people are incorporating into their kitchen remodel and the reasons behind them.

Trendy Kitchen Updates and Why They Are So Popular

One Large Sink

Remember when washing dishes was a daily chore?  Split sinks were originally designed for easy separation of soapy water and rinse water. Dishwashers have become standard in most kitchens today. Hand washing is generally reserved for items which are very delicate or extremely large. Nowadays split sinks just make it harder to wash those large platters and pots.  And has accidentally bumping your dishes against the middle divider ever caused breakage?  When replacing your old sink, consider a large undivided sink that can handle your oversize dishes and still allow plenty of washing room.

Spice Drawers

Have you ever been frustrated looking for one particular spice in your cabinet?  Storing your spices in drawers on either side of your cook top or range makes them easy to access and organize. Drawer inserts fitting standard drawer lengths are available from a variety of manufacturers and cradle the jars on their sides to prevent rolling.  Jars held this way make labels easy to read and alphabetize.

Deep Drawers

Swinging cabinet doors can be awkward and hinder access especially in corners and tight areas.  Most cabinet companies are offering deep drawers as an alternative for base cabinets with swinging doors.  Keep in mind they are more expensive because of the extra hardware and do not offer as much flexibility for storing small appliances and larger items. So a judicious combination of both will probably be best.  When selecting which type of base cabinetry to install, walk around your kitchen space and pretend to pull dishes out of your cabinets.  This type of play-acting will also clarify which direction cabinet doors should swing.

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to showcase your style and add value to your home. And today’s kitchens incorporate function and efficiency into their designs.

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Crown Molding: A Simple Yet Effective Renovation Tactic

If you want to give your home’s interior a quick upgrade without adding on or totally redoing your home’s architecture in the process, consider crown molding in all rooms. You can also place crown molding in just the main rooms of the home, such as the family, living, and dining areas and still make a large impact on the impressiveness of your home’s interior. Crown Molding: A Simple Yet Effective Renovation Tactic

Crown Molding: A Simple Yet Effective Renovation Tactic

Learn why crown molding is a wise choice for simple home renovation. When you discover how effective this remodeling tactic can be to improving your home, you’ll start looking forward to the date your contractor arrives to make your renovation ideas a reality.

Crown molding adds dimension

Crown molding is a decorative frame that is placed along your upper and lower walls, creating a definition between a room’s ceilings, floors, and walls. When you add crown molding to a basic square or rectangular-shaped room, you give the space greater definition.

This remodeling technique is especially beneficial to large and spacious rooms that have little architectural character. To further enhance the appeal of crown molding, consider repainting the walls in the rooms you wish to treat or adding accent colors to existing walls.

Crown molding is versatile

You can select crown molding in a variety of thicknesses, styles, and designs. Basic crown molding is just a baseboard-style design that is often narrower on the wall connecting to the carpet, but thicker where the wall meets the ceiling.

More ornate crown molding has ledges and etchings to create a more elaborate effect in the treated rooms. Consider basic crown molding designs for children’s rooms and bathroom areas, and more decorative designs in living rooms and other main rooms.

Crown molding adds value

The addition of crown molding to your home can make your house more valuable. If you plan on selling your home in the near future or you already have your house on the market and want to make your property stand out, talk to your remodeling contractor about options for crown molding available within your budget. Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service will help make your home renovation ideas come to life; contact us for a quote today.

Update a Vanity, Change a Bathroom

Update a Vanity, Change a Bathroom

You’ve been giving it the ugly eye for a while now— that ugly vanity cabinet.  The whole bathroom really could stand an update, though, so you have resigned yourself to making the best of things until you have the time, funds, and motivation to see you through a whole bathroom remodel.

Maybe it isn’t exactly awful, but when you direct your guests towards the bathroom, it makes you feel uncomfortable to know what they are about to see. You are much trendier than your bathroom gives you credit for.

Why subject yourself and your guests to a bathroom you hate when a simple vanity bathroom vanity and sink update could change the look of the entire room?

Update a Vanity, Change a Bathroom

Updating Your Existing Vanity

There are multiple options at your disposal when it comes to the budget-friendly route of modernizing your current vanity. A skilled professional can:

  • Tint a stained vanity with a darker stain color, or freshen it up with paint
  • Replace the doors and/or drawer fronts with a more modern profile
  • Replace the knobs and/or pulls
  • Replace the countertop and/or sink
  • Replace the faucet fixture

Some or all of these updates can be applied to your existing vanity to make it look brand new (or just the right amount of old if that is your aesthetic).

Replacing Your Vanity

There are three main options when it comes to replacing your bathroom vanity.

  1. Buying a prefinished vanity
  2. Ordering a custom built vanity
  3. Repurposing an existing piece of furniture as a vanity

There are no wrong choices here. This is an opportunity to express yourself, whether it be through the clean sleek lines of a white shaker style vanity cabinet, or the distressed contours of an upcycled vintage buffet.

Hiring a Professional

No matter which type of vanity you choose, hiring a skilled professional to install it is the smart choice. There are several things to account for during a vanity installation including:

  • Attaching the vanity securely to the studs
  • Ensuring that the vanity is level
  • Making sure that the vanity lines up well with any side walls
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting or rerouting the plumbing
  • Cutting interior parts of the vanity to allow for the plumbing

A skilled professional will have the tools and know-how to meet any potential challenges that arise and deliver a beautiful result.

Unlike many other well-established remodel companies, at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Services, updating a vanity is not too small a project. Contact us today to find out how we can help you modernize your bathroom and turn it into a room you are proud of with this simple improvement.

Find Profit in Unwanted Problems: Buy Flips with Bad Windows

Flipping houses isn’t the same as it used to be. Whether it’s because of the changes in the economy, increased use of databases by companies to find low-hanging fruit, or how the idea has been popularized by a series of home improvement shows, it’s harder and harder to find traditionally profitable homes. One of the best strategies is to find homes that have an unpleasant but relatively inexpensive rehab requirement: novices in the industry will think the problem is far more complicated than it is, and major companies have a checklist of risk factors that make them dismiss homes sight unseen. So look for homes with moderate problems, such as old windows.

Find Profit in Unwanted Problems: Buy Flips with Bad Windows

Old windows are finding their place in the new housing market. Along with other features such as preserved wooden floors, cobblestone driveways, and antique fixtures, old windows are becoming an attractive point you can list when putting your property on the market. If you want to tap into the market that likes antique or classical features but you can’t leave the windows as-is, retrofitting might be precisely the solution you’re looking for. Here’s why:

Old wood-framed windows add charm and durability.

Older styles are rarely duplicated in mass-produced window frames, and windows are often one of the main features of curb appeal for drawing potential buyers to a property. Additionally, the older construction methods and even the specific types of wood used to build window frames make them sturdier and easier to repair than modern frames.

Retrofitting can add all of the advantages of insulation and water-sealing.

One of the main reasons why people want to replace their windows is because the current ones have a problem. Whether it’s water dripping in through the corners during a storm or a continual draft that just can’t seem to be plugged up, both of these problems and more can be solved through retrofitting and repairs. It also offers short-term savings: while replacing the windows might save you in energy costs over the next fifteen to twenty years, retrofitting is the better choice since you plan on selling. If you’re considering turning the property into a rental, just be very clear about utilities in the lease agreement.

Go to Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service for window replacements and all of the other touch-ups you need to get your new properties ready for the market.

Repairing Wood Defects Will Improve the Look of Your Home Vastly

Even with a fabulous paint job on the interior and exterior of your house, your residence still might not look its best because of the condition of your home’s wood. If portions of your inside or outside wood features contain defects, your entire property will start to look shabby and lose value. Repairing wood defects will improve the look of your home vastly!

Repairing Wood Defects Will Improve the Look of Your Home Vastly

Exterior Wood Trim

The trim on the exterior of your home will often get cracks, wood rot, or the existing paint stripped off due to harsh weather conditions. When this happens, it lowers the curb appeal of your home, because the defects will be quite visible. If your entire house doesn’t need repainting, you can merely get the damaged pieces of wood replaced, repaired, or repainted to restore the look of your home.

Wood Siding

If you have wood siding on your house, even just having one or two bad slats can take away from the otherwise beautiful aesthetic of your exterior. Don’t wait until the damage spreads to take action. Once the wood is repaired and repainted on those particular slats, the outside of your house will once again look gorgeous. Your neighbors will think you’ve had brand new siding installed.

Interior Baseboards

On the inside of your house, baseboards can start to look worn and dirty from age, furniture banging against them, or other types of wear. They can also get long cracks from water damage or additional stresses to the wood. Bad baseboards will make any room look less stylish. Repairing those baseboards so that they look like new will immediately improve the look of your rooms.

Wood defects are something that you shouldn’t ignore if you want your house to look its best and retain its value. For information about how to get your wood repaired, please contact us today. You’ll be amazed at how much better your home looks with smooth, beautiful wood throughout your property.

Six Electrical Repairs & Replacement Tasks You Should Not Overlook

The old safety warning that most accidents happen in the home is accurate. While we may feel the safest in our homes, it’s essential to double check the infrastructure of where we live to make sure everything is in good working order. Six Electrical Repairs & Replacement Tasks You Should Not Overlook

Here’s a checklist to ensure your house is up-to-date and safe.

Six Electrical Repairs & Replacement Tasks You Should Not Overlook

Get some GFCI Wall Outlets 

If you blow dry your hair in the bathroom, or if your toaster oven is on your kitchen counter, it is vital that your wall outlets be equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter. If your appliance comes in contact with water, or if the device detects abnormal electrical flow, the wall outlet will turn off and thus protect you from a potential ground-fault. For standard wall outlets, we recommend the receptacle type because they are not expensive and can easily be installed.

Listen to Your Circuit Breakers

The most effective way to keep yourself safe in regards to electrical safety is to listen to your circuit breaker when there’s a problem. For example, if your breaker trips immediately after resetting it, then that is an indication that something is severely wrong and you should call an electrician immediately to check it out. Repeatedly pressing the breaker is not a good idea – that will just more likely cause an electrical fire.

Buy a Portable Fire Extinguisher for your House

Install a portable fire extinguisher in your kitchen or basement to protect you and your family in case of fire. However, check the class type of your extinguisher. If you’re cooking a meal with olive oil, for example, and a fire starts on your stove, you will need a Class K fire extinguisher to put out that fire. Water alone won’t be sufficient. If you have a fire extinguisher already, double check its class type and make sure it is equipped to put out the right kinds of fires.

Baby Proof Your Cabinets and Closets

Children are naturally curious, but you want to keep their curiosity in check. Update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with child security locks. There are different kinds available, but the most useful varieties will be tamper-resistant for children but comfortable enough for adults to open without a key.

Stock up with an Emergency Supply Kit

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you should keep “a battery-powered radio with extra batteries, canned food and a manual can opener, flashlights and battery-powered lamps for power failures” in your house in case of an emergency. Keep your kit in a safe place and let everyone in your home know where its located.

Update Your Smoke Detectors

Of course, you should check the batteries in your smoke detectors, but we recommend you also update your detector to alert you in case of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. This could be caused by a gas leak, and since it has no scent, it is called the silent killer. You can easily buy combination detectors that both alert you in case of smoke caused by fire and carbon monoxide.

We hope you will keep you and your family safe with these tips. If you need help updating your home for safety this Summer contact us.

Create a Focal Point in Every Room Using Paint

If you’re looking for an economical way to update the look of your home and create a focal point in various rooms, using interior wall paint is the perfect solution. By using spectacular colors, whether in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or any other room in your home, you can create looks that you and your family will love.

Create a Focal Point in Every Room Using Paint

Living Room Paint

To create a focal point in your main living area, paint a full accent wall behind your sofa. Choose a bold color for a dramatic look, such as red or purple. For a serene look, opt for a pastel yellow or very light green. If you prefer neutrals, then select a darker shade of your current wall color. For example, if your walls are beige, then use brown for your accent wall. If your walls are gray, use a darker gray for the accent wall. For white walls, choose a soft cream color as your accent paint.

Bedroom Paint

In a bedroom, a fabulous way to create a focal point is to paint the wall behind your bed. You can use color on the entire wall or just the area that spans the width of your bed from floor to ceiling. If you have a door in the bedroom that leads out to a patio or balcony, you can use that wall as a focal point instead by painting it with a coordinating hue that matches the rest of your bedroom decor.

Bathroom Paint

Even in a small space like a bathroom, you can use paint to create a focal point. If you have a freestanding tub, paint the wall that your bathtub sets against with an attractive color to draw attention to that area. Alternatively, you can add color to the wall behind your vanity and mirror. Only use color on the space that spans the bathroom vanity and then paint all the way up to the ceiling. This type of paint job creates a gorgeous look whether you have a single sink or double sinks. To catch the eye, you can even use paint with a little bit of sparkle in it.

Interior paint can be used to update the look of any room in your home. For more information about interior paint colors and the different ways to use them, please contact us today.

Specialty Exterior Paint Jobs that Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you want to improve the outside look of your house, but you don’t want to invest in a complete paint job, you can choose to refresh specific areas to give your property better curb appeal. Three of the best places to update the exterior paint are on the front door, the garage door, and the window shutters if you have them.

Specialty Exterior Paint Jobs that Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Front Door

The front door is what most people focus on when approaching a house. When your front door stands out, it gives your home a more welcoming and trendy appearance. Instead of staying with a plain wooden door or a neutral-colored door, opt for a bold shade to create a distinctive look. Red is a popular choice and looks great with traditional architecture. Blue is a fabulous option for a house with a contemporary style. Yellow works well for a residence with a transitional design.

Garage Door

Because the garage door takes up a large area of space at the front of your property, you’ll want it to look its best. Choose a secondary color from your house as the color for that door. For example, if your house has red-colored brick on the front with little flecks of beige in it, opt for beige for your garage door. For a home with a solid color, if you want the garage door to blend in, then try choosing the same hue but a shade lighter or darker. If you want the garage door to stand out, then select a contrasting neutral color, such as white with a blue house or black with a house that’s painted green, for example.

Window Shutters

If your house has exterior shutters, painting these a bright color will bring interest to your home. You can match the color to the front door or match it to the garage or use the same color as your trim to coordinate the look. If you’re interested in a bold appearance, use the same color as your front door for the window shutters on either side of the door, then use a different color for the remaining shutters. For a two-story home, you can even use one color for the lower-floor shutters and another color for the upper-floor shutters.

For more information about how to spruce up the exterior of your home with paint, please contact us today. We do interior and exterior painting and can make your home look fresh and new again.

Our Best Carpentry Services

We at Excellent American Painting LLC have teams who are willing to do our best carpentry work while we are remodeling or painting your home. Decks with signs of rot or numerous cracked wood can become a severe structural safety hazard down the road. We will be more than glad to take care of that problem for you now while we are working on your home. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your deck was fixed by top-notched craftsmen.

Our Best Carpentry Services

We can also help you with installing new trim on the exterior of your home. We provide full renovation services so you can have the kitchen you’ve always wanted, or a beautifully finished office space. Do you want your home to look more modern or a breath of life? We will be more than willing to install brand new wooden floors. Get rid of those old laminated flooring or that ragged old rug and make your life simpler with wood flooring.

Our teams are amazing artisans, providing your home with finished works of art. We are thrilled to use the best products to ensure your home lasts even longer. Our teams at Excellent American Painting will make sure it is done right the first time and within your budget, so you don’t have to go looking for another company. We pride on our perfection. And for your protection, we are also fully bonded and insured. We have been serving homeowners and businesses throughout the Collin and Denton counties for many years, providing the best custom work in the area and we will continue to do so.

Give your home remodeling project the attention it deserves by hiring our team of experts. Remember, we are your number one remodeling specialists in the Frisco Texas area. We are available seven days a week, so us a call at 214-938-1088.