Considering a Custom Remodel? -There’s a Lot to Consider.

Being a homeowner can sometimes make you feel like you need to be a jack-of-all-trades.  And while there are many facets of home maintenance that you may have grown to enjoy and take pride in, when considering a project such as a custom remodel of a room or your entire home, it’s easy to understand the benefits of having an experienced crew of experts who focus their talents on every step of your home-improvement project.

Considering a Custom Remodel? -There's a Lot to Consider.

At Excellent American Painting, we can work with you to understand and implement your goals for your home. Our design staff will consult with you to create a solid vision of what you want your home to be and find a design that fits your life, including appliances and cabinets, and every other component from lighting to flooring.

Our carpenters build to your specifications, and our Handyman services will ensure safe & solid re-routing of any plumbing & electrical components of your custom remodel. Taking the worry out of your remodel is what we do best!

And no project is complete without the finishing touch of our meticulous Painting services, who bring their years of experience to every project, giving results that can’t be matched.

You don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades to recreate your home into something you can be proud of, and enjoy for years to come. At Excellent American Painting we have you covered for every step of your project. Come visit, or contact us today and tell us about your dreams for your home!

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