Water Heater Repair, What Can Go Wrong?

It is understandable that people want to save money by tackling seemingly minor household maintenance themselves rather than hiring someone else to do it. When it comes to your water heater, however, that can lead to problems. Sometimes, very expensive problems.

Water Heater Repair, What Can Go Wrong?

Your water heater needs periodic service to remove sediment build up. Depending on your home’s water quality, this might need attention every one or two years. This build-up affects the efficiency and output of the appliance, as well as the life expectancy of the tank liner. The more build up in your heater, the harder the heater has to work to maintain temperature, and the quicker the lining deteriorates as that build up reacts with the storage tank itself.

The process of dealing with this involves turning off the appliance, shutting off the water supply, draining and flushing out the tank, and refilling and turning everything back on. It is also an opportune time for replacing or servicing parts of the heater, including the electrical elements or gas burner, anode rod, dip tube, thermocouple/igniter, temperature/pressure relief valve, and checking for gas leaks.

Some of the problems that can occur include the following:

  •    Dysfunctional Water Shut-Off Valve
  •    Water Shut-Off Valve That Starts Leaking When Operated
  •    Clogged Drain Valve
  •    Drain Valve That Won’t Shut Off After Use
  •    Clogged Drain When Flushing Out the Heater
  •    Leaking Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve

These direct issues and other indirect problems arising from the interruption of the water and gas/power supply are things that most are not prepared to handle. These problems can lead to requiring emergency service, or potentially lead to water damage in the case of a leak or clog, particularly if your water heater is on a finished level. Hiring a service professional, who is equipped to handle these scenarios, not only makes it easy for you but may end up being less expensive than trying it yourself. Contact us!

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