What You Need To Know About Garage Door Staining

Whether you’re on a quest to update the look of your home, or just clean it up, garage door staining is a great way to help achieve these goals. It’s the perfect way to bring out the true beauty of your unattractive or beaten up garage door. Garage door staining is a fairly simple process, although it involves some very necessary steps in order to ensure that it turns out just right.

What You Need To Know About Garage Door Staining


The garage door staining process must always begin with a good cleaning. You’ll have to make sure that all dust, dirt, mildew, moss, and any other grime or particles of debris get removed completely. Not only do these things ruin the look of the door, but they are bad for it as well. Starting with a good, clean surface is absolutely the way to go. A pressure washer is best to use, along with fine cleaning supplies. If the door is new, sometimes sanding is all that’s necessary. And it’s important to allow the wood to dry thoroughly before beginning.

Quality Staining 

When you use a high-quality stain, your garage door will last for much longer and look much nicer. A professional will know which type of stain to use, whether a brush, a roller, or an air sprayer will work best, and how many coats you’ll need. They will also know the proper techniques in order to get the stain to go on as smoothly as possible and to penetrate as deeply as possible. Keep in mind that darker stains will last longer.

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