Wallpaper vs Paint: Which to Choose for Your Commercial Property?

Recently, wallpaper has regained rising popularity in the commercial property sector. But the question remains why has it re-emerged so quickly over time, and is it better than paint? Depending on the environmental factors of a structure, there are various situations whereby choosing paint may be advantageous. So, to help you choose between the two here are three tips to consider.

Wallpaper vs Paint: Which to Choose for Your Commercial Property?

Longevity: Paint vs Wallpaper

For instance, paint is preferable over wallpaper in a bathroom since paint’s gloss helps it resist moisture and bathrooms are prone to humidity. However, when properly maintained, paint often lasts no longer than wallpaper. If properly maintained, wallpaper used by professional commercial painting contractors can last up to 15 years.

However, given the shifting trends, that amount of time is longer than most consumers wish to retain it. The best part is that wallpaper will survive significant stress and strain in commercial environments such as restaurants, hospitals, and recreation centers as well as in offices. It does have one restriction that affects how long it lasts: it shouldn’t be hung in areas that get a lot of moisture.

Preparation Work: Paint vs Wallpaper

When deciding on both paint and wallpaper during a professional business painting job, a commercial painting company’s amount of required preliminary work is a key decision element. Commercial painting professionals may need to patch anything from minor nail holes to significant gaps and missing drywall before painting, depending on the condition of the walls.

The most important part of preparing a surface is making sure it is sanitary and structurally sound to hold the wallpaper, which compresses and contracts as it dries and stresses the walls. Which method, therefore, involves the most time and effort? The condition of the building’s surfaces will need to be evaluated by an expert. However, preparing surfaces for wallpaper typically takes more time and work.

Affordability: Paint vs Wallpaper

Whether it is wallpaper or paint, the size and complexity of the work area are the most important factors in deciding the budget of commercial painting contractors. Wallpaper requires a lot of labor, which drives up the cost of the process for commercial painting contractors.

However, a commercial painting firm will pay more for each square foot of wallpaper than that for paint spanning the exact area, making paint the less expensive option. No matter the approach you choose, a capable professional painting company boasting years of experience will offer the best return for your project.


Both are attractive and can raise the value of your home; to save time and money, think about painting. If you lack the time for upkeep or work in a place with high traffic and low humidity, think about wallcovering. Everything depends on what you need.

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