Why Hire an Exterior Painting Service?

Nothing beautifies your home like a fresh coat of exterior paint in a smart color scheme. Though it’s tempting to give your house this much-needed makeover yourself, you may actually save more money in the long run — not to mention peace of mind — by hiring a professional painter.

Why Hire an Exterior Painting Service?

Paint Quality

When it comes to exterior house paint, quality matters. Choosing the right type of paint for the surface you’re covering is the difference between a coat which stands the test of time and paint which begins to fade or peel prematurely. A professional can help you select a high-quality paint and recommend the appropriate finishes for different exterior areas of your home.

Prep Work

Even with high-quality paint, a paint job is only as good as the prep work done beforehand to make the surface ready for painting. Sometimes areas need to be sanded, repaired, or caulked, and in certain situations a primer must be applied. A pro painter has the tools and skills to prepare any surface correctly.


It goes without saying that hiring a professional painter will save you the time it takes to do the job yourself. But sometimes it’s easy to forget the time lost in cleanup as well. By hiring a professional, you won’t have to worry about washing rollers, cleaning a paint sprayer, putting the ladder away each evening, or laundering those grubby work clothes.


Besides buying the paint and a good primer if one is needed, there are a lot of tools involved in painting the exterior of your home. Purchasing all these items yourself adds up, and you’ll need to store everything as well. Hiring a professional means that he or she brings all the tools and equipment needed, including ladders and scaffolds. Not only will you save on hassle, but your painter supplying the proper tools also means safety and efficiency.

To get the stunning exterior you’ve been dreaming of for your home, contact Excellent American Painting. We’ll leave your house shining with curb appeal for years to come!

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