Enhance Your Child’s Bedroom with a Creative Paint Job

A child’s bedroom should be a place of comfort and wonder, a place where they enjoy spending time. A creative paint job is one fabulous way to make your child feel secure in their room, and at the same time introduce creativity to them.

Enhance Your Child’s Bedroom with a Creative Paint Job

1. Chalkboard Paint

Most children love to draw. Having an area in their bedroom, painted with chalkboard paint, where they can show off their artistry is something that every child will love. You can have an entire wall painted this way or section off part of an area to use for a chalkboard.

2. Multi-Colored Paint

Another creative paint job for your child’s bedroom is to have stripes or geometric shapes painted on one wall. Each design should be a different size and a different color for a fabulous look. You can go bold with intense colors or tone down the look by using pastels.

3. Border Paint

A great look that also provides function is to select a base color for the walls, and then choose another color to paint a wide border halfway up one or more walls. Atop this border, your child can hang artwork and pictures, leaving the rest of the walls smooth and nail-free.

4. Ceiling Paint

For a fun look, you can have the ceiling painted a different color than the walls. This type of paint job will immediately draw attention upward and make the room feel more spacious. Choose a light blue to simulate the sky or a cheery yellow for a welcoming feeling.

Lots of fun and unique choices exist when painting a child’s room. For more information and ideas about paint for every room in your house, please contact us today. We’re happy to discuss your options and advise you about what range of colors will look best in your home.

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