3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Your windows are a very important part of your home and it is crucial that you make sure that they are in good condition. If your windows are not functioning as they should, then replacing them is the best solution to fix this problem. Here are three signs you need to replace your windows. 

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

There Is A Draft Near Your Window

If you notice that there is a draft near your window, this may be a sign that your window needs to be replaced. Either the seal around your window has been damaged, or there is a crack in your window that is letting air come in. If the air isn’t blowing through, but it still feels cold, then this may be because you have a single pane window and it isn’t thick enough to keep your home warm. The solution in this situation would be to get a window that is double or triple paned. 

Your Window Frames Are Damaged 

Another issue that you may notice is damaged window frames. If the frame around your windows are either chipped or cracked, this can cause a lot of problems with your window. Your window may no longer be able to move up and down correctly and you may not be able to close it properly either. Often times, the best way to fix this is to replace your entire window frame and window. 

You Have Water Leakage

Condensation building up on the inside of your window, or water leaking inside, means that you likely have a problem with the seal between your window and window frame. This can cause damage to the interior of your home if the window leaks onto your walls and floor. The best solution is simply to replace the window 

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