Bathroom Remodeling: Don’t DIY These 3 Things!

As a homeowner, there are many things you may be able to do on your own when you decide to remodel your bathroom. For those with minimal knowledge, it’s best to keep the doing-it-yourself to painting and cosmetic upgrades. For those with more experience, it could be cost-efficient for you to DIY plumbing fixtures, install new toilets, or replace non-tile flooring, but there’s still several things that are always best left for the professionals to handle. Let’s explore what — and why!

Bathroom Remodeling: Don't DIY These 3 Things!

Cabinet Installation

Even the installation of one bathroom cabinet can be extremely challenging. That’s because the way the cabinet connects to the wall and floor involves many dynamic steps to ensure balance, evenness, and stability over time.

It’s usually very noticeable when a non-professional attempts to install cabinetry. You’ll often find crooked cabinet doors, loose counters, and cabinets that aren’t flush with walls.

Bathtub Installation

Not only are bathtubs heavy and cumbersome to move around for the DIY-er, but bathtub installation involves a lot of factors. Consider whether you know all about plumbing, sub-flooring, and sealing. Unless you’re a professional, the answer is probably that you only have some, or cursory, knowledge of all these factors and installation processes!

Plus, a bathtub that is not installed properly can cause a lot more problems than just how it looks: it can cause significant damage to your home, from leaking and plumbing issues to foundation damage.

Tile Installation

If you’re looking for beautiful, easy to care for tile installation in your bathroom, it’s also best to leave this to the professionals. Planning the layout, laying, setting, and the grouting of tile is an art that requires a lot of experience to master! In addition, improperly installed tile doesn’t look good at all, and it can cause damage to your sub-flooring and plumbing.

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