Paint Selection When You Want Different Colors from Room to Room

When you want different colors in the rooms of your home, it can sometimes become a challenge. You want to choose the right paints that will combine into a seamless look and not turn your home into a wild kaleidoscope of colors. Various methods exist to create such effective color combinations.

Paint Selection When You Want Different Colors from Room to Room

Use the Same Basic Paint Color in Different Shades

You can choose one primary paint color and then use different shades of that color throughout your house. For instance, brown is a great choice. With brown, staying with lighter shades usually works best. You can select a wheat color for your kitchen and laundry room, and then opt for khaki for your living area. A slightly darker shade of copper will add drama to a formal dining space. Tan makes a marvelous choice for bedrooms.

Use Multiple Neutral Paint Colors

Another excellent option is to use multiple neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray on your interior walls. A light gray in your bedrooms will add a look of sophistication. White will always provide a bright, clean look in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. For your main living area, dining room, or even a sunroom, beige paint will add warmth and create a welcoming mood that everyone will love.

Use Paint Colors with a Natural Tone

Paint colors inspired by nature will fill your home with a feeling of serenity. For example, green, brown, and blue colors are splendid choices. Select a pale green for your kitchen to reflect the appearance of freshness, and then combine that with a coordinating light shale brown on your living room walls. A deep blue in the master bedroom and paler blues for the rest of the bedrooms will create a soothing atmosphere.

Effectively combining paint colors can add personality and charm to your home. For more information about painting the interior of your home, please contact us today. We can help you choose the perfect colors that will enhance every room in your house.

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