3 Signs Your Garage Door Trim Needs To Be Repaired

The wood around your garage door frame is known as the trim, and just like all other aspects of your garage, it can deteriorate over time. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your frame is in good condition, and to be watchful of signs that it needs to be repaired by a professional. Here are three signs your garage door trim needs to be repaired. 

3 Signs Your Garage Door Trim Needs To Be Repaired

It Is Beginning To Rot 

If you notice that the wood of your garage door trim is starting to rot and fall apart, this is definitely a sign that the wood needs to be repaired. A professional will be able to remove all the areas that have rotted away and replace them with new pieces of wood. This creates a strong garage door frame for you that will continue to function as it should. 

Pieces Of Wood Are Missing

If you can see that certain pieces of your garage door trim are missing, then this is something that must be repaired right away. The missing pieces may be due to the wood deteriorating and falling off, or it could be due to damage from hitting into it, etc. Whatever the case may be, hiring a professional to replace these missing pieces will help to complete your garage door trim once again. 

The Paint Has Come Off

If weathering, damage, or rot has caused the paint to come off of your garage door trim, this is also something that you likely want to have taken care of. Leaving your trim in this condition is not only very unsightly and ages the exterior of your home, but it also makes your garage door trim more susceptible to future damage. A professional can come in and do all the painting and repair work that needs to be done. 

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