Know Your Options for Water Heater Repair

Who doesn’t like to linger in a warm shower after a hard day?  It’s a relaxing reward before we head off to bed.  And on a cold morning, a hot shower motivates you to get out of bed and to get ready for the day.

Know Your Options for Water Heater Repair

When you go to turn on the hot water and it’s not there, it’s a source of panic.  We rely more on heated water than we realize sometimes.  Water heaters can slowly produce less and less hot water over time or even break completely.  When they do, you will need to know your water heater repair options.

There are a variety of things that can go wrong with your water heater:

  • Corrosion.  Visible signs of rust and corrosion can indicate leaks or improper plumbing.  If there is rust or corrosion, the problem has probably been there a while.
  • Bad smelling water.  If your hot water has an odor to it, there is a problem with bacteria.  A common odor caused by bacteria is a sulfur-like or “rotten egg” odor.  You can determine if it is a water heater problem by running only cold water to see if the cold water has the same odor as the hot water.
  • Not enough hot water.  If you notice that the hot water seems to run out more quickly than usual, there are a number of potential causes including a failing heating element.

If you are experiencing any of these (or other) problems with your water heater, contact us so that we can help you understand your options to repair or replace your water heater.  We will help get you back into a nice warm shower in no time!

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