Enhance Your Traditional Decor with Crown Molding

If your home is traditional in its style and decor, but it still lacks the sophisticated look that you want, you should consider adding crown molding to some of your rooms. This design feature, which provides a graceful-looking flair and a finished edge, makes a fabulous cap for walls and pillars in any traditional home.

Enhance Your Traditional Decor with Crown Molding

Best Areas for Crown Molding

For pillars — If you have any plain square pillars or columns in your home, they’ll look truly elegant topped with crown molding. Instead of appearing like support posts, they’ll look like gorgeous decorator pieces.

For walls — Crown molding works exceptionally well in formal living rooms and dining rooms to create an elegant look. The design will turn any dull wall into a work of art. With its traditional finesse, this feature also adds a luxurious appearance to bedrooms to complete the look of your home.

Best Color Choices for Crown Molding

– White crown molding is an excellent choice for any traditional home. The light color will enhance the look of your rooms without making the ceiling appear too low. In fact, it can make an area look more expansive because the molding draws your gaze up from the floor.

– For traditional homes that have high ceilings, crown molding in a darker shade will add an affluent look to your space. A deep brown will bring an Old World, European flair to your home that you and your family will love.

Crown molding adds style and value to almost any house, and you can’t go wrong with this design feature in a traditional home. Contact us for more information about placing crown molding in your rooms today.

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