Why Install a Storm Door?

A storm door usually consists of fiberglass or aluminum with a large window and insect screen. This product may last for several decades if it’s well-made. You can find about six major reasons to install one:

Why Install a Storm Door?

1. These doors shield home entrances from the elements. Rain and snow won’t reach your front doorway as easily if you have a second layer of defense. This may prevent surfaces from rotting, rusting or growing mold.

A front door typically costs much more than a storm unit and contains more vulnerable materials. If you can protect it from harsh weather, you won’t need to spend as much money on repairs and replacements.

2. When you want to let in some cool, fresh air, you can open the window. Its screen will keep pests at bay while allowing excess heat to escape your home.

3. This equipment will make your house more energy-efficient. Cold drafts may enter a building through gaps around a single barrier, but they normally won’t be able to penetrate two doors.

4. A second layer of protection could stop burglars from invading your home. Most latches can be locked from the interior, and some manufacturers even provide a separate lock with its own key.

5. This minor improvement project offers an affordable way to enhance the appearance of any house. A newly installed storm door will probably look better than the outer surface of an old front door.

6. When your house appears more attractive, offers better security, uses energy efficiently and needs less maintenance, you can sell it quickly and set a higher price.

If the advantages of a new storm door appeal to you, please contact us today. We can install a durable unit that will protect your home and enhance your quality of life for many years to come.

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