5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Wood Deck

Your wood deck is a beautiful outdoor extension of your home’s entertaining space.  The demands of summer sun and weather on your deck can create problems if left unchecked during the cooler winter months.  Protect your deck and extend the life of your outdoor space with these regular maintenance tips.

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Wood Deck

Sweep and Wash Weekly

The surfaces of your deck collect dirt, debris, pollen, and other grime on a daily basis.  Left unchecked, this debris can degrade the paint, stain, or wood decking.  Sweep your deck and rinse it clean weekly with water to clean surfaces.

Plants and Shrubs

Potted plants add focal points of interest and beauty to your deck but can cause spots or stains to the wood surfaces due to soil and water runoff.  Surrounding shrubs, trees, and other plants add interest to the landscape and privacy to your deck but can become problematic if allowed to grow too close to the sides of your deck.  Move potted plants around weekly or biweekly and keep surrounding landscape plantings trimmed away from the wood surfaces of your deck.

Power Wash

As the cooler months approach, remove all items from your deck and use a power washer to remove deep stains, any patches of mildew, and grime that has accumulated over the season.

Sand and Repaint or Restain

Sun, wind, rain, hail – all of these weather elements contribute to fading of your deck’s paint or stain.  Regular use and high-traffic patterns across the surface of your deck will also create areas of greater wear.  Restore the beauty of your deck by sanding away the existing paint or stain and repainting or restaining the exposed wood.  Be sure to add a coat of sealant over the finished deck once the paint or stain has cured.

Check for Rot and Cracks

Even with the best maintenance schedule, your wood deck can have boards or posts that experience cracking over time or weaken due to dry rot.  Regularly check your wood deck for signs of cracked boards or dry rot and replace individual areas as needed.

Caring for your wood deck is an investment in your home’s value and extends the life, beauty, and enjoyment of your outdoor space.  At Excellent American Painting, we specialize in keeping your wood deck beautiful and functional through carpentry repairs as well as staining and painting.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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