Signs that your Deck needs Repair

A properly maintained deck can withstand years of wear and tear. However, despite your best efforts damages can occur.  Missing banisters and loose or missing floorboards are obvious signs that a deck needs to be fixed but what about other problems that may not be as apparent. Pay close attention to the following signs that your deck may need immediate repair.

Signs that your Deck needs Repair


Look for visible cracks in the boards of the flooring and railing of the deck. These cracks are typically caused by a combination of damage from the sun and rain. The solution could be as simple as a coat of sealant or paint but something more serious could be hidden inside the cracks like rotten wood. A quick inspection from a professional can determine the level of damage and what needs to be done.

Soft Wood

If the railing or floorboards of your deck feel soft when you press or step on them, this could be a troubling sign that the wood has become rotten.  Rotten deck boards need to be replaced immediately. Ignoring signs of rotten wood could result in injury or further complications.

Sagging Boards

If some of your boards look warped or begin to sag when you step on them, they may need to be reinforced with nails or screws or need to be replaced. A more serious cause of sagging could be rotten supports underneath the floorboards. An expert would be able to investigate and tell you more.

Decks are a beloved addition to any home.  They provide a great spot for gathering with friends and family or a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  But they must be properly maintained and repaired to continue being safe and useful. Remember that fixing minor problems early can prevent more costly repairs down the road. Please contact us today to schedule an inspection from a professional.

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