Repairing Wood Defects Will Improve the Look of Your Home Vastly

Even with a fabulous paint job on the interior and exterior of your house, your residence still might not look its best because of the condition of your home’s wood. If portions of your inside or outside wood features contain defects, your entire property will start to look shabby and lose value. Repairing wood defects will improve the look of your home vastly!

Repairing Wood Defects Will Improve the Look of Your Home Vastly

Exterior Wood Trim

The trim on the exterior of your home will often get cracks, wood rot, or the existing paint stripped off due to harsh weather conditions. When this happens, it lowers the curb appeal of your home, because the defects will be quite visible. If your entire house doesn’t need repainting, you can merely get the damaged pieces of wood replaced, repaired, or repainted to restore the look of your home.

Wood Siding

If you have wood siding on your house, even just having one or two bad slats can take away from the otherwise beautiful aesthetic of your exterior. Don’t wait until the damage spreads to take action. Once the wood is repaired and repainted on those particular slats, the outside of your house will once again look gorgeous. Your neighbors will think you’ve had brand new siding installed.

Interior Baseboards

On the inside of your house, baseboards can start to look worn and dirty from age, furniture banging against them, or other types of wear. They can also get long cracks from water damage or additional stresses to the wood. Bad baseboards will make any room look less stylish. Repairing those baseboards so that they look like new will immediately improve the look of your rooms.

Wood defects are something that you shouldn’t ignore if you want your house to look its best and retain its value. For information about how to get your wood repaired, please contact us today. You’ll be amazed at how much better your home looks with smooth, beautiful wood throughout your property.

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