The High Cost of Neglected Plumbing Repairs

Neglected plumbing repairs often make plumbing issues get much worse, as well as much more costly. Let’s explore why.

The High Cost of Neglected Plumbing Repairs

Higher Costs

Trying to fix a plumbing repair yourself can be a very bad idea, potentially causing more plumbing issues and damages over time. Plus, oftentimes the plumbing issues that you can see or hear aren’t the only plumbing issues going-on behind your walls. The quicker you address the issue, the sooner the issue will stop causing other issues.

Plumbing repair is much lower in cost when the first sign of an issue or damage is fixed immediately. Hiring a professional plumber to fix and replace a broken pipe seal, for example, is a lot cheaper than hiring one to replace ten linear feet of pipe and two broken pipe seals, or worse, tearing-out your bathroom walls just to address an issue that could have been repaired from the sink.

When considering plumbing repair cost long-term, small repairs are part of the essential maintenance of a home, while major repairs are something that can often be avoided with routine maintenance and repair.

Co-Occurring Costs

Plumbing leaks and damages often lead to the presence and rapid growth of mold, which is a very costly issue to handle. The quicker plumbing repairs are fixed, the less likely mold is to spread into places that are hard to treat, such as behind walls or ceilings.

Mold can also be very costly to your health, with side effects ranging from mild respiratory issues to lung cancer.

If you’re not sure whether you have plumbing that’s in need of repair, but you smell mold, see discoloration, or feel wetness in spots under sinks or near fixtures, it’s likely that there’s a plumbing leak somewhere that’s causing mold. Hiring a professional plumber to inspect for plumbing issues is cheaper than hiring one to fix plumbing issues that have been neglected.

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