Bathroom Remodeling: Key Signs It’s Time

Bathrooms are living zones of frequent use and necessity. Remodeling your bathroom can not only greatly increase the functionality of the space, but it can also prevent costly maintenance in the future. There are key signs that show it’s time for bathroom remodeling. Check them out below.

Bathroom Remodeling: Key Signs It's Time

Funky & Outdated Colors

In the 70s, people thought pea green was a great color for walls, even in bathrooms. In the 80s, one of the biggest design trends included obnoxiously colorful wallpaper (think hot pink and electric blue) featuring giant flowers or abstract designs. And the tile colors of the 50s? Let’s just say they weren’t always the best choices compared to the modern options we have nowadays.

Funky, outdated colors stand-out a lot in small spaces such as bathrooms. While there are design masterminds who can work well with just about anything, starting over with a clean, efficient, modern remodel is often the best option for those who don’t want to pay a fortune.

Mildew & Mold

If you’re frequently having to wipe away, or scrub, mildew and mold from bathroom surfaces such as floors, walls, cabinets, and ceilings, it’s probably time for a remodel. From compromised seals on old toilets and leaky faucets to poor ventilation and lighting, an outdated bathroom is a key cause of mold.

If you don’t see mold, but your bathroom still smells musty and dank, or your old cabinets are moist to the touch, it’s likely that mold is hiding and growing somewhere in your bathroom. The quicker mildew and mold are addressed, the less damage it will cause to your bathroom (and your health) over time.

Dingy, Worn & Discolored Surfaces

Eventually, older bathtubs and sinks will lose the shine and sleekness of their ceramic coatings, becoming dingy, dull, and oftentimes discolored. They become nearly impossible to clean, always looking dirty. Bathroom flooring can also become dingy from constant use and moisture, creating whitish-gray patches of wear and tear, as well as scratches, peeling, and even loss of attachment to the sub-flooring.

Addressing these issues with a bathroom remodel is a great way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom, as well as the overall market value of your home.

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