Practical and Artistic Doors to Transform the Entrance to Your Home

In some ways, a door can be a magical space. Remember Alice in Wonderland where Alice follows the rabbit and finds herself in a hall with a number of doors of different sizes? She has to eat and drink various things that will make her shorter or taller until she finds that she is just the right size to make it through the door! Fortunately, we don’t have to grow shorter or taller to get through our doors, but a door can still make you feel like you’re stepping into Wonderland and about to have the adventure of your life!

Practical and Artistic Doors to Transform the Entrance to Your Home

The Door Is Part of Your Home Too

So what can you do to make your door look inviting for you, your family and your friends? First of all, you need to think of the door as being a part of the home and not something outside of it. So put some thought into decorating the area right outside your home. This will make you feel more relaxed as soon as you enter. And after a long day at work, it can be quite pleasant to come home to a door with a mat that says “Welcome,” a couple of potted plants and a Victorian style lamp that throws a pool of light right outside the door.

Door Décor Ideas

  • A multicolored arched door can make you feel like you’re about to enter into an Arabian fairy tale. Consider this one for inspiration and design your door accordingly.
  • A door with glass panels can enable the person inside to look out and see who’s there without having to look through a peephole. It also lets some natural light into the house which is always pleasant. But of course you should consider your security needs before getting glass panels.
  • A door with a mural painted over it gives you and your visitors an artistic experience even before stepping into the house. It draws the eye in different directions and keeps the person happily occupied while waiting for the door to open.

These are just some examples of how door décor can transform the entrance to your home. Contact us for door painting and any other painting and carpentry services you might require for your home.

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