Gutter Cleaning and Why you Should

Let’s be honest here. Nobody likes cleaning the gutters. It’s one of the most hated house maintenance activities there is. But, hated or not, cleaning out the gutters is a necessary part of maintaining your house. If you decide to skip out on it because of how tedious the activity is, then you’re going to have problems. These problems have the potential to be extremely costly and cause serious damage to your home as a result.

Gutter Cleaning and Why you Should


A clogged trough can become extremely heavy which can lead to it breaking and the contents falling down below. If the gutter in question is just above grass or dirt then it’ll likely be fine. Sure, you’ll have to spend the time to clean up the contents and replace the now broken gutter but, in the long term, you aren’t likely to see any serious issues. However, if the positioning isn’t so ideal, this can lead to broken windows or sliding panels or serious dents in most surfaces. Not to mention that repairing these damages can be rather cost prohibitive at times.


Clogging can also make it very tricky to keep your gutters fully dry. Wet gutters can result in mold growing inside them which can, itself, give mosquitoes a place to nest. If your gutters end up this wet then you will have to spend the time and money on exhuming them from your gutters which can get pretty expensive.

Rain Blockage

One of the more significant problems with letting your gutters get blocked up with debris is that it will prevent rainwater from draining out of your gutter. During the summer, this will typically be a mere inconvenience. However, when winter rolls around, it can start to cause serious problems as the rain stuck on your roof can get frozen up there and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and so on when the water melts and leaks into your home proper.

To prevent these problems and avoid costly home repair bills, contact us to arrange for professional gutter cleaning before these problems become a serious issue for you.

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