Take the Stress out of Door Installation

Replacing that old door seems like a simple enough task: run to the hardware store, buy the right size door, and screw it into a place where the old one was. Unfortunately, this DIY project often turns out to be more than homeowners bargained for. What seems like a quick task can turn into an ongoing job that never quite works out. Even worse, doors that are not hung properly can lead to damage to both the door and your home, leading to the need to go through it all again.

Take the Stress out of Door InstallationHanging a new door will require, among other things, precise measurements and the ability to work in small detail even with a large piece of material. This work starts well before the new door even goes up. In some cases, the previous frame or trim might need to be replaced. The existing subfloor or sill may need to be repaired before work with the new door begins, particularly on doors that have been exposed to the elements. Preparing the opening can become a job in itself.

The door itself – after the opening is prepared and reframed if necessary – must go in perfectly level. The process continues after the initial hanging, using shims to help align the frame, with adjustments continuing until everything is plumb. Once the door hangs nicely, it may be time to insulate around the frame.

The process involves far more steps and caution that might be expected. To save time and hassle, it often makes sense for homeowners to seek help from a reliable professional. At Excellent American Painting, we want your door replacement to go as smoothly as possible. Please contact us with any handyman service requests or to receive more information.

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