3 Faux Finishes To Consider For Your Walls

An excellent way to customize your home is to have a unique faux finish painted on one or more of the walls in your home. These faux finishes are created by a skilled painter who has specialized training and can create whatever finish you’d like. Here are three faux finishes to consider on your walls. 

3 Faux Finishes To Consider For Your Walls


One really cool faux finish to have a professional paint on your wall is a concrete finish. Concrete is really cool because it gives the room an industrial look that is both modern and fun. The concrete faux finish is created by combining grays, whites, and blacks, giving the walls the color and texture of concrete. 


Another awesome faux finish to consider for your walls is brick. Everyone knows just how gorgeous bricks look and how they add a classic and timeless look to any room. However, brick work is also very expensive and requires a great deal of labor. A professional will be able to create the look of brick for you, by using an expert painting method. This can look incredible when used on one wall in a room, your ceiling, or where ever else you’d like. 


If you want to give your home a very classy and sophisticated look, then creating the faux finish of marble on your walls is a wonderful option. This type of finish looks incredible on your walls and mimics the natural and flowing look of marble. It will also be much less expensive than installing actual marble on your walls, which means that even if real marble isn’t a possibility for you, faux marble will be. 

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