Cabinet Re-Finishing: Enameling Tips

Having your kitchen cabinets enameled is a job that can completely transform the entire room. Whether your cabinets are old and outdated or just not attractive, a good enamel job will surely fix the issue. Take a look at some good kitchen cabinet enameling tips to help you get started.

Cabinet Re-Finishing: Enameling Tips

Choosing Your Paint 

The paint that you use for your walls is not suitable for something like your kitchen cabinets. It’s an entirely different type of surface. Applying regular paint to cabinets will result in chipping and excessive wear. You’ll need to choose an enamel instead. Using a high-quality enamel will hold up better, last for longer, and give you a nicer and smoother finish.

Choosing Your Color 

You will definitely want to focus on choosing a color that flatters your appliances. Certain colors will make your appliances stand out, and others will make your appliances virtually disappear. You don’t want anything to clash. The trick is to compliment your appliances, not make them look bad. This especially holds true for appliances that are older or outdated. You’d be surprised at how much nicer you can make them look simply by just changing the color of your cabinets.

Packing Up Your Cabinets 

You will obviously need to remove the contents of your cabinets before they get enameled. Make sure to label things and pack them up neatly so you can easily return them to their home when the job is complete. Clean off the counters, roll up any rugs, and remove any curtains that might get in the way as well.

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