4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Bathroom Faucet

When your bathroom faucet is 10 or more years old, these are signs it may be time to replace it.

4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Bathroom Faucet

Your Faucet Leaks

A leaking faucet is a nuisance. There’s that annoying sound of the water dripping. And the wasted water is costing you money. You’re left with the question: Should you fix the faucet or replace it? Unless you have a costly, high-end faucet, it’s often more cost-effective to replace an older faucet than to repair it.

The Faucet Uses Too Much Water

Inefficient faucets waste water and money. An inefficient faucet is one that uses more water than is needed to perform properly. Typically, older bathroom faucets release 2.2 gallons of water per minute according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In today’s marketplace, there are faucets that use as little as 1.5 gallons per minute. These water-efficient faucets carry the WaterSense label, which means they meet the EPA’s standard for water savings. The EPA also reports these water-efficient faucets can save the average household about 700 gallons of water annually.

Your Faucet Is Worn Out

It’s time to replace your bathroom faucet if it’s showing these signs of extreme wear.

  • Replacing the aerator is difficult or impossible because the aerator threads have deteriorated.
  • You’ve forgotten what the finish looked like since it wore off years ago.
  • The handle is broken.
  • You hear a loud screeching sound every time you turn the faucet on.
  • You tried to repair the faucet, but the interior is so worn that new internal parts didn’t fix the issue.

The Faucet Is Unattractive

Perhaps your faucet’s decades-old style makes the entire bathroom look dated. Or you’ve updated the rest of your bathroom, which makes the old faucet look out of place.

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