Repairing Trim and Woodwork in Your Home

Painting your home is one of the primary ways you can create the look and style you want as well as protect the structure itself. Repairing and/or replacing cracks, holes, and other issues in your home’s woodwork make for a longer-lasting and more attractive end result for a painting job.

Repairing Trim and Woodwork in Your Home

Types of wood repairs

Over time, the woodwork inside and outside your home can take a few hits. Interior woodwork like window sills and doorway trim is often bumped by moving furniture, or otherwise damaged by kids, pets, and accidents around the house. Exterior woodwork takes a beating from all kinds of weather, tree limbs, ivy vines, birds, insects, and more. A quality repair and painting prep job can resolve those issues.

Large chips and nicks can be patched before painting to provide a smooth surface for the end result, making your trim and sills look like new again.

Exterior wood damage can be handled in several ways. In some cases, wood can be patched or repaired, and in other cases, it must be replaced with matching wood or synthetic materials like PVC. Some wood damage is due to dry rot which can occur anywhere wood and moisture are in contact, even in newer homes. Because dry rot can spread along wood, it must be removed and the area treated to prevent its further spread to intact wood.

Why bother with wood repairs?

Wood problems like dry rot can expand from small areas on trim to damaging structural woodwork, so it’s important to treat it early, and certainly before it might be hidden under a new paint job while it continues to spread. Patching and smoothing chipped and uneven areas in your woodwork will also result in a much more satisfying and attractive result.

With any painting project, we’re ready to work on wood repairs as part of the job, too. Whether you want to add curb appeal, protect your home, enhance its value, or just want it to look the way you’d like, contact us to start planning today.

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