Professional Pressure Washing

Chewing gum pollution is a major problem for property owners, and the only solution is a professional pressure washing. Every day, many people thoughtlessly spit their gum on the sidewalk without realizing they are polluting. Gum pollution is such a big problem, the United States General Services Administration has created guidelines for cleaning it from historical sites and buildings.

Professional Pressure Washing and Gum Pollution

Chewing gum has been around for thousands of years. However, until the modern era, it was a product made from natural ingredients. Today, synthetic rubber is the main portion of most chewing gums. As a result, it does not degrade naturally. As it sits on surfaces, like concrete walkways, the product will create a stain that is impossible to remove without the correct equipment, solutions, and techniques.

The problem is probably bigger than most suspect. The chewing gum industry has annual sales of $2 billion and produces 100,000 tons every year. This translates to the average person chewing 280 sticks of gum every year. Even if a small percentage is improperly discarded, it creates a major problem. As the industry grows, the headache only increases for property owners.

Gum pollution is unsightly, but its improper removal can cause damage to surfaces. Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service has state of the art equipment and trained technicians who can safely remove gum from your facilities’ surfaces without causing damage. We can pressure wash buildings, sidewalks and more, keeping your property clean.

If you would like to talk more about gum pollution, or need more information about professional pressure washing, please contact us.

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