Sponge Painting: Make Your Walls Pop With Color

Nowadays, there are many painting techniques you can use to really make your walls pop with color. Adding more depth and dimension to your wall paint makes your room more stylish and visually appealing. One of the most popular types of specialty painting techniques is sponge painting.

Sponge Painting: Make Your Walls Pop With Color

What is Sponge Painting?

Just as the name implies, this method involves using a sponge to blend a new color onto a base coat of paint. Doing so will create a stylish ombre effect on your walls.

However, you can’t use a regular synthetic sponge for this job. It’s best to use a sea sponge to get the best results. Sponge painting is also a good way to cover up any imperfections on your walls. If you want a change of scenery without applying a new base coat, sponge painting is an excellent option.

What Colors Work Best For Sponge Painting?

Do you want a bold texture or a more subdued texture? Whichever you choose, both the base color and the glaze color should have matching tones. If you’d like the room to look lighter, choose a glaze color that is lighter than the base color. To achieve the opposite effect, use a glaze that is darker than the base coat.

If you’re not sure what color would look best, our team can help you choose. You also don’t have to use just one glaze color! Sponging on two or even three additional colors can have awesome effects.

How We Can Help With Sponge Painting Your Walls

Any kind of painting job takes a lot of time and preparation. If it’s your first time painting, you may not be able to find all the necessary tools you need. Our workers have years of experience Excellent American Painting, so you can always expect a great job.

If you’re interested in a new paint job for your walls or other specialty painting techniques, please reach out today.

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