3 Signs You Should Call A Professional For Sprinkler System Repair

If you are having an issue with your sprinkler system, then you may want to consider calling a professional to come and check it out. They have the skills and experience necessary to repair your sprinkler system and will do an excellent job for you. Here are three signs that you may want to call a professional for sprinkler system repair.

Your Sprinkler Heads Aren’t Working 

If one or more of your sprinkler heads aren’t working properly, this could be due to a plethora of issues. The sprinkler head itself may be damaged or broken, there may be a blockage inside the sprinkler, the head may be closed off, and the list goes on. When you hire a professional to come and look at your sprinklers, they will be able to determine what is the problem quickly and effectively and can give you options and bids for fixing the problem.

You Have Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure is another issue that can arise with your sprinkler system. This is often a more serious issue and one that should be taken care of by a professional. They will be able to examine your sprinkler system to see where the problem lies. They may find that your pipes are cracked, which is decreasing the water pressure a great deal. Or the issue may lie within the backflow values, the sprinkler heads, or something else.

You Have Issues With Your Irrigation Clock 

Your irrigation clock is in charge of making sure that your sprinklers go off at the correct time, and in the correct locations, to water your grass, trees, and other plants. If you find that your irrigation clock isn’t working as it should, this is a big deal. Trying to figure out how to manage the clock on your own can be overwhelming and can seem almost impossible to figure out. However, when you hire a professional to come and look at your clock for you, they run diagnostic tests to see exactly what is wrong, such as a power issue, a programming issue, etc.

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