What Problems Do Clogged Gutters Cause?

If you neglect to clean your home’s rain gutters, a variety of detritus can collect in them until they become clogged. This may result in a range of harmful and costly problems that have the potential to badly damage your home.

What Problems Do Clogged Gutters Cause?


Water could back up and flow over the sides of the gutters. This might cause damage to your doors, siding, windows, foundation and cellar. If you have a wooden deck, clogged eavestroughs may cause its boards to rot.

Overflowing rainwater could also reach the interior of your house. It might harm insulation, ceilings and walls. If such problems persist, floors and carpets may also eventually suffer damage.


Clogging makes it difficult for rain gutters to fully dry. This promotes mold growth inside of eavestroughs and downspouts. Mold may also proliferate on any materials affected by overflowing rainwater. Mosquito larvae often benefit from persistently wet areas as well.


If a clogged trough becomes excessively heavy, it might fall down. This could destroy it or cause other damage. Falling gutters may shatter window glass, break vinyl siding panels or dent any aluminum surfaces.


When a trough fills with tree debris, rainwater won’t be able to drip off the roof’s edge. This may result in an ice dam during the winter. Consequently, your roof might leak and its materials could suffer significant damage.


Clogged gutters provide a habitat for stinging insects, ants and squirrels. These pests can build nests in the troughs and feed on tree debris that has collected in them. Vermin may eventually invade the attic or other parts of your home.

To prevent these problems and avoid costly house repairs, schedule professional gutter cleaning before your eavestroughs become clogged. Please contact our friendly staff to request a quote or learn more about our services.

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