5 Things That Should Be On Your Home Repair Checklist

A home repair checklist helps you stay on top of home maintenance. Many homeowners use a home repair checklist to guide their regular home inspections. We recommend you inspect your home at least quarterly. When you make regular home inspections, minor issues can be repaired before they become major (and costly) problems. Here’s what you should go on your home repair checklist.

5 Things That Should Be On Your Home Repair Checklist

1. Drainage. Water should drain away from your home’s foundation. To make sure that happens, gutters and downspouts should be clean and in good repair. If you have downspout extenders, make sure they’re connected and directed to keep rainwater away from your house.

2. Siding. When siding is in good condition, it protects the rest of your home from the effects of weather. Loose, cracked, or rotting siding cannot perform this important job. Damaged siding needs to be addressed promptly before it allows water to leak into your home. If the damaged area is small, it can be repaired. Widespread damage usually means it’s time to replace your siding.

3. Plumbing Leaks. They aren’t always obvious as a leaking

faucet. Check pipes in cabinets under sinks and fixtures in unused areas like a guest bathroom. Also, any toilet that makes noise when it’s not in use is probably leaking from the tank to the bowl.

4. Doors and Windows. In addition to checking windows and doors themselves for damage, look around them for gaps. Sealing these air leaks keeps warmed air inside in winter and hot air outside in summer. Inspect window screens for tears.

5. Decks. You should check your deck for loose boards, soft spots, and rotten wood. Any of these problems require prompt repair because they can become safety hazards.

We hope our home repair checklist has made inspecting your home easier. If you found some issues that need to be dealt with, contact us. We can provide handyman services to help you with your home maintenance needs.

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