How Often Should I Be Pressure Washing?

New homeowners are often at a total loss when it comes to all the new responsibilities. Many move from cities, or even from childhood homes. When they hand you the keys and deed, they should also give you a handbook for everything you have to learn/do when owning a house as it is truly another full-time job.

How Often Should I Be Pressure Washing?

After the first year of ownership, some may noticed that a once beautiful deck and exterior of a house often becomes grimy and brown. Needless to say, power or pressure washing was something that most new homeowners have not done, or even know is necessary. And boy what a difference it makes.

In order to avoid future degradation, power washing is a great alternative to scrubbing by hand since the water does the work for you. The amount you should do it really depends on the area in which you live as more harsh weather brings more debris. A good rule of thumb is once a year. In more mild environments people may to it every other year, but mold can also be an issue, so people have been known to even do it twice a year.

For decks, every 8 to 12 months should suffice. That said, the state of the finish is a good indicator. If the water absorbs right into the wood as opposed to beading off, it is probably a good time to think about power washing it before you add another coat of finish.

Fortunately, a good service can take this concern off of your plate and give you one less household chore to worry about. To find out more about all of our commercial and residential cleaning services, contact us today!

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