Updating Your Bathroom

The two rooms of your home that tell the age of the house are the kitchen and bathroom. It is not uncommon for the bathroom to end up being the last place you remodel in a home. So, is it time to update that bathroom? If you still have the original colored fixtures, such as avocado or raspberry, it is probably overdue.

Updating Your Bathroom

Reasons for Updating

The biggest reason for updating is that the bathroom is a big influence on your mood and your daily life. It is a small room with a big impact on how you feel as you face the day. You really will feel more energized with a comfortable and lovely space for your morning shower or evening bath. You should also consider that a bathroom remodel increases the value of your home, this is one of the first areas that even a little change can make a big difference. For a cost-effective update, keep your fixtures in the same places. This does not mean you can’t change your tub for a shower. While you are remodeling, have your pipes checked for wear. Eventually even the pipes wear out, and there is no better time for replacing old pipes than when you change out your fixtures. Especially in older homes, the pipes will eventually need some work. While your walls are already open is the best time for these repairs.

Thoughts for Bathroom Renovations

Remember how long the house has had these fixtures. You want the new ones to last just as well, because bathrooms are not often redone. Plan for your future needs, as well as your present ones. Will you stay in your home into retirement? Consider adding aging in place features now. We all need towel bars, why not make them decorative grab bars? Floating vanities and lever handled sinks are age friendly features that do not detract from the style of your bathroom. If you are changing to a shower from a bath, add a bench and a hand shower. You might not need them now, but they will come in handy later. If you are not planning to retire in your home, you should still consider the resale value such features add.

At Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service, we can help you update your bathroom and make it perfect for your life now and in the future. Contact us for more information.

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