The Case for Pressure Washing around your Dumpster Pad

You may think the area around your dumpster isn’t important; however, it is probably noticed more often than you think. Here are some reasons you need commercial pressure washing around your dumpster pad.

The Case for Pressure Washing around your Dumpster Pad

#1. Keep potential customers (or tenants) from leaving

A dirty dumpster pad can turn people off. If you’re a restaurant owner, you could lose customers because they notice the filth outside and decide they do not want to come inside. If you operate an apartment complex, you could have a hard time renting units because people will worry about a lack of maintenance.

#2. Prevent rodent or insect infestations

Vermin and insects are often attracted to the residue on your dumpster pads. Once you become infested, it can be extremely hard to get rid of these pests. It’s easier to prevent them in the first place by keeping your dumpster area clean.

#3. Eliminate Odors

Just because you have an enclosed dumpster does not mean that odors from it are contained. Dumpster odors have a way of traveling far beyond the container, and are annoying for anyone within smelling distance. Have your dumpster pad cleaned, and these odors will be less of a problem.

#4. Cut down on bacteria

Cleaning your dumpster pad will cut down on some of the harmful bacteria that could cause disease. As such, it can ensure the good health of everyone in your building.

#5. Preserve your Concrete

Grease and solvents can wreak havoc on your concrete, causing it to wear out faster than it should. Here at Excellent American Painting, we clean your dumpster pad in an environmentally-safe manner, ensuring not only that your concrete is protected, but also that there is no runoff into nearby storm drains.

These are all good reasons to have your dumpster pad cleaned, but the biggest one is that doing so will simply make you feel better. It is also very easy to schedule a dumpster pad cleaning at the same time you are having drywall repair or touchup painting performed. To find out more, please contact us.

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