5 Reasons to Pressure Wash, Stain & Seal your Deck

Summer is approaching and as we clean up our yard and prepare for outdoor bar-b-ques we need to remember to take care of our deck as well.

Now is a good time to pressure wash, stain and seal your deck. Here are 5 reasons why:

5 Reasons to Pressure Wash, Stain & Seal your Deck


An untreated deck will soon develop many safety hazards over time. The wood will start to dry out and develop cracks, called “checking”, as well as start to warp.

The checked wood will start splintering and it’s no fun to walk on while barefoot. The warped uneven wood will start being a tripping hazard for people.

So to keep your deck safe and avoid costly medical fees, or lawsuits by visitors, it’s a good idea to keep your deck maintained.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Repairing your deck can be expensive. The average cost of repairing a deck is around $1422. This would include replacing warped boards, Sanding and filling cracks and all the hardware and filler.

If you decide to go with a deck repair service, these expenses can vary as well, but will still be costly compared to regular maintenance.

There’s also more time and effort to expand into these repairs as well.

Saves Time

Maintaining your deck only takes several hours over the course of a week or so. One night after work can be spent pressure washing the deck. A few days later (as it needs time to dry completely) you can stain the deck, even in stages if you have to. A few days later you can complete the task with a sealer.

Again, you can save time by using a Deck Service who can come in while you’re at work and finish the task before your next big BBQ.

Maintain Home Value

Having a nice, clean attractive deck can add to your home value. The average return on home value for a deck is about 65 – 90%.

On the other end, having a shabby, run down deck will turn away potential home buyers. It can also reduce your asking price as potential buyers factor in repair costs to fix your deck.


There’s also pride in having a beautiful deck. Whether it’s to show it off to family and friends and have a nice place to entertain, or just to make the neighbors jealous, it’s a nice feeling looking at a fresh well-kept deck.

The deck should be an extension of you and your style and designed and colored the way you want it to be.

If you need more ideas and service help on maintaining your deck, feel free to contact us.

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