Update a Vanity, Change a Bathroom

Update a Vanity, Change a Bathroom

You’ve been giving it the ugly eye for a while now— that ugly vanity cabinet.  The whole bathroom really could stand an update, though, so you have resigned yourself to making the best of things until you have the time, funds, and motivation to see you through a whole bathroom remodel.

Maybe it isn’t exactly awful, but when you direct your guests towards the bathroom, it makes you feel uncomfortable to know what they are about to see. You are much trendier than your bathroom gives you credit for.

Why subject yourself and your guests to a bathroom you hate when a simple vanity bathroom vanity and sink update could change the look of the entire room?

Update a Vanity, Change a Bathroom

Updating Your Existing Vanity

There are multiple options at your disposal when it comes to the budget-friendly route of modernizing your current vanity. A skilled professional can:

  • Tint a stained vanity with a darker stain color, or freshen it up with paint
  • Replace the doors and/or drawer fronts with a more modern profile
  • Replace the knobs and/or pulls
  • Replace the countertop and/or sink
  • Replace the faucet fixture

Some or all of these updates can be applied to your existing vanity to make it look brand new (or just the right amount of old if that is your aesthetic).

Replacing Your Vanity

There are three main options when it comes to replacing your bathroom vanity.

  1. Buying a prefinished vanity
  2. Ordering a custom built vanity
  3. Repurposing an existing piece of furniture as a vanity

There are no wrong choices here. This is an opportunity to express yourself, whether it be through the clean sleek lines of a white shaker style vanity cabinet, or the distressed contours of an upcycled vintage buffet.

Hiring a Professional

No matter which type of vanity you choose, hiring a skilled professional to install it is the smart choice. There are several things to account for during a vanity installation including:

  • Attaching the vanity securely to the studs
  • Ensuring that the vanity is level
  • Making sure that the vanity lines up well with any side walls
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting or rerouting the plumbing
  • Cutting interior parts of the vanity to allow for the plumbing

A skilled professional will have the tools and know-how to meet any potential challenges that arise and deliver a beautiful result.

Unlike many other well-established remodel companies, at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Services, updating a vanity is not too small a project. Contact us today to find out how we can help you modernize your bathroom and turn it into a room you are proud of with this simple improvement.

Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget: Vanity & Sink Installation

Remodeling a bathroom is a costly, time-consuming project straining many families’ budgets and patience. If your bathroom is functioning fine but desperately needs of some cosmetic upgrades, there are more affordable options. One of the most cost-effective ways to quickly give your bathroom a face lift is switching out the old vanity and sink.

Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget: Vanity & Sink Installation

Since the vanity is the first thing people notice when walking into the bathroom–unless they really have to go–upgrading it will immediately improve the look and feel of the room. With so many colors and sizes, it is easy to find a vanity to fit in with your existing bathroom fixtures.

Think of the most desired features you want included in your sink and vanity. Do you need more counter space? How about an extra sink to help ease the tension of those busy mornings? Do you compete with your partner for mirror space? Are you six-foot three and straining your back every time you spit out toothpaste?  By adding a new vanity incorporating your family’s specific needs, you no longer have to compromise with the bathroom that came with the house.

Is your bathroom cluttered with hygiene and styling products? Many vanities offer smart storage solutions to organize clutter and give each family member a space to put their hygiene items.  No longer will you search through everyone else’s stuff to find your toothbrush.

Spend some time deciding what vanity and sink features are most important to you. Search the internet for style and functionality ideas. When you are ready to change your vanity without the headache of doing it yourself, give Excellent American Painting and Handyman Services a call.

Excellent American Painting can work around your busy schedule to install a new vanity and sink. In addition, we could add a fresh coat of paint to the bathroom’s walls and ceilings. If you want a new look for your bathroom without the hassle and cost of a total remodel, please contact us or call (214) 938-1088. Our services are available seven days a week.