Cabinet Re-Finishing: Enameling Tips

Having your kitchen cabinets enameled is a job that can completely transform the entire room. Whether your cabinets are old and outdated or just not attractive, a good enamel job will surely fix the issue. Take a look at some good kitchen cabinet enameling tips to help you get started.

Cabinet Re-Finishing: Enameling Tips

Choosing Your Paint 

The paint that you use for your walls is not suitable for something like your kitchen cabinets. It’s an entirely different type of surface. Applying regular paint to cabinets will result in chipping and excessive wear. You’ll need to choose an enamel instead. Using a high-quality enamel will hold up better, last for longer, and give you a nicer and smoother finish.

Choosing Your Color 

You will definitely want to focus on choosing a color that flatters your appliances. Certain colors will make your appliances stand out, and others will make your appliances virtually disappear. You don’t want anything to clash. The trick is to compliment your appliances, not make them look bad. This especially holds true for appliances that are older or outdated. You’d be surprised at how much nicer you can make them look simply by just changing the color of your cabinets.

Packing Up Your Cabinets 

You will obviously need to remove the contents of your cabinets before they get enameled. Make sure to label things and pack them up neatly so you can easily return them to their home when the job is complete. Clean off the counters, roll up any rugs, and remove any curtains that might get in the way as well.

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Transform Your Whole Kitchen By Simply Just Having The Cabinets Refinished

If you’re looking to update or remodel your kitchen without a costly hassle, sometimes just simply painting the cabinets will do the trick. Get the scoop on kitchen cabinet enameling and learn how cabinet refinishing can give your whole kitchen a fresh new look.

Transform Your Whole Kitchen By Simply Just Having The Cabinets Refinished


The process of kitchen cabinet enameling is really quite easy. You start with selecting a primer. This will depend on the type of cabinets you have. You’ll have to have the primer tinted to whatever color the top coat is. It’s important that you do this correctly because dark surfaces can bleed right through the top coat.


Next, you’ll have to choose between oil-based or water-based paint. If you use oil-based paint you’ll want to make sure that the area you’re working in is well ventilated. Although the smell might be overbearing, it does provide you with a nice, durable outcome. Water-based paint is a bit easier to work with since it’s not as potent as oil-based paint and it’s easier to clean up. Whichever one you choose to go with, the most important thing is that you go with the best quality that you can find.

Getting the Job Done 

You’ll need to remove the cabinets in order to paint them. All doors, drawers, and shelves will have to come out since painting over hardware is not good. You’ll need to prepare the surfaces by heavily cleaning them and then sanding them down. You’ll have to carefully and separately prime and paint all parts and then put them back together when they are completely dry.

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Discover How Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Adds Value

Are you excited about a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project but are unsure if they will add value to your home? In an uncertain real estate market, many homeowners are hesitant spending money improving their home. Even if the improvement is to improve function or increase our own enjoyment, we all want to ensure we are not wasting money. Let’s discover how kitchen & bathroom remodeling adds value.

Discover How Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Adds Value

During the housing boom of the early 2000s, a homeowner was almost guaranteed to get their money back. Today, the housing market is no longer a feeding frenzy. Some homeowners are not even willing to paint their house before placing it on the market. They wonder if it is worth the time and money if it doesn’t really help.

The simple fact is, home improvements do help sell your home. Real estate agents agree that anything you do to improve your home’s appearance, function, and livability attracts more buyers and increases offers. However, not all home improvements add real value at resale. Popular opinion has always stated kitchen and bathroom remodeling increase a resale price. Now there is proof.

The Remodeling Impact Report, created by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), list the following as the top 5 interior projects that add value:

  1. Complete Kitchen Renovation,
  2. Kitchen Upgrade,
  3. Bathroom Renovation,
  4. Add New Bathroom, and
  5. New Master Suite.

Why are kitchens and bathrooms at the top of the list for adding value? The NAR report also shows us these are the projects with the most appeal to homebuyers. It is all about buyer psychology. What sells a house is a buyer seeing them living in it. If they fall in love with the kitchen and bathrooms, the house is sold.

There is, even more, good news. Trends are showing that the value of home improvement projects is increasing. Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs Value report states there is an average of 64.4% return on all large home improvement projects. This is up from 62% from their 2015 report, the second-highest return in the past eight years.

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