Specialty Exterior Paint Jobs that Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you want to improve the outside look of your house, but you don’t want to invest in a complete paint job, you can choose to refresh specific areas to give your property better curb appeal. Three of the best places to update the exterior paint are on the front door, the garage door, and the window shutters if you have them.

Specialty Exterior Paint Jobs that Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Front Door

The front door is what most people focus on when approaching a house. When your front door stands out, it gives your home a more welcoming and trendy appearance. Instead of staying with a plain wooden door or a neutral-colored door, opt for a bold shade to create a distinctive look. Red is a popular choice and looks great with traditional architecture. Blue is a fabulous option for a house with a contemporary style. Yellow works well for a residence with a transitional design.

Garage Door

Because the garage door takes up a large area of space at the front of your property, you’ll want it to look its best. Choose a secondary color from your house as the color for that door. For example, if your house has red-colored brick on the front with little flecks of beige in it, opt for beige for your garage door. For a home with a solid color, if you want the garage door to blend in, then try choosing the same hue but a shade lighter or darker. If you want the garage door to stand out, then select a contrasting neutral color, such as white with a blue house or black with a house that’s painted green, for example.

Window Shutters

If your house has exterior shutters, painting these a bright color will bring interest to your home. You can match the color to the front door or match it to the garage or use the same color as your trim to coordinate the look. If you’re interested in a bold appearance, use the same color as your front door for the window shutters on either side of the door, then use a different color for the remaining shutters. For a two-story home, you can even use one color for the lower-floor shutters and another color for the upper-floor shutters.

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