The Link Between Psychology and Your Wall Colors

As a homeowner, you want to paint your home with colors that reflect your personality. But did you know that the wall colors you pick influence your mood and the energy in that room or space? Color psychology helps to discern the different kinds of reception we get from different colors.

The Link Between Psychology and Your Wall Colors

There exist 12 main colors, categorized into primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Red, yellow and blue make up the primary colors. When you mix any two primary colors, you get one of the three secondary colors; green, orange and purple. The other six are tertiary colors, which can be created by mixing primary and secondary colors. Painting manufacturers use these colors to create up to one million different shades and hues that you can use on your walls.

Red is perceived as an intense color. It raises the energy level of a room and creates excitement by pumping adrenaline in our bodies. It is a color best used in dining rooms, the living room or even an entry way.

Yellow communicates joyfulness and happiness. It is perceived as uplifting and energizing and has been proven to spark up conversation. It a good choice for the kitchen, bathrooms or dining rooms.

Blue has been proven to be a calming color as it helps to bring down blood pressure and slow the heart and respiration rate. It creates a serene atmosphere and mood for sleep, making it ideal for bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Green is derived from combining the cheerfulness of yellow and the serenity of blue, creating comfort and peace. You can paint any room in your house green or use it as a secondary color.

Orange is created from red and yellow, and it evokes high energy and enthusiasm. It may not be the best choice for the bedroom or living room, but it brings the much-needed energy in an exercise room.

Purple is a rich and dramatic color from red and blue. Its different shades portray royalty, luxury or sophistication. It makes a great choice for a dominant color in a bedroom or living room.

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