Exterior Painting Services: A Job For a Pro

Interior painting is easy. A few brushes, roller, paint tray and maybe a small step ladder are all that’s needed. Weather is not a concern, heights are irrelevant and it can be broken up into small sections to easily fit into your busy schedule. Not so with exterior painting.

Exterior Painting Services: A Job For a Pro

The overarching factor governing painting outside is the weather. Rain in the forecast means no painting. High humidity can likewise shut an operation down. Full sun is ideal for applying paint, but it can be downright miserable to work in. Bright sun also mandates working quickly- the expression “like watching paint dry” doesn’t apply to a painted surface in direct sun. Of course, a good day for painting isn’t much use if you have to work or meet some other obligation.

Finding the time paint the exterior of your home at the same time conditions is agreeable is reason enough to hire it out to professionals. But before painting, your home’s siding will need to be prepped. Scraping off old paint, nailing down loose boards, filling in cracks and holes and carpentry repairs are necessary before wetting a brush. This process can take up to a full day. An added consideration is the additional equipment. Exterior painting almost always entails an extension ladder. You’ll be spending at least $100 for a short, basic ladder with 200lb capacity. For a better ladder, you could spend several times that amount. Working at a height is dangerous and various stabilizing devices are available to keep your ladder steady. All for more money, of course. Given most exterior painting cannot be done with a roller you’re going to put in a lot of time on that ladder. You can cut that time down by ponying up the money to buy or rent a sprayer. These take some getting used to and can clog if not properly cared for. If you should drop your sprayer from a height, you’ve got a mess to clean up and an expensive piece of equipment to replace.

Saving money on home repairs by doing it yourself is great for some projects. But painting the exterior of an entire house takes a lot of time and more skill than most people realize. If you’ve only got weekends to work with you’re further hampered by weather limitations. Why not contact us and save yourself the stress, time and aggravation by letting the pros of Excellent American Painting handle it for you? Weekends go by fast enough as it is.

Professional Handyman Services Is The Way To Go

Are you finding that every turn you make in your home, there’s something that needs some attention? Do you walk into your main living area and shudder at the thought of having to paint? Only to walk into the kitchen and realize it is in dire need of an update? Not to mention other things that get done seasonally, such as waterproofing and staining your deck. You may wonder how all this has gotten by you. You notice little things here and there, but you can really only afford to pay one company at a time. So here you are, trying to choose which task needs the most attention. Professional Handyman Services is by far your greatest option.

Professional Handyman Services Is The Way To Go

We understand that people simply don’t have the extra cash to hire several different home contractors. There are certainly not many people who would prefer to drag their home improvements out for an extended period of time. This is where Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service makes your life easier. We can provide you with a worker in nearly any category. We can send you that professional painter or carpenter to get your projects going. With so many scammers out there trying to take advantage of innocent, trusting people lately, wouldn’t it be nice to have workers in your home that you know you can trust? You can rest assured knowing that is exactly what you will get with our company. You see, we have done our homework. So, we are certain our staff has trusted, qualified professionals.

You can now get on with your daily routine. There will be no more of the shuddering you experience when you see that “one more thing” waiting for the tackle. We can take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Our promise to you is your satisfaction with our work when we leave. We will treat your home with the utmost respect, just as if it were our own. We will be careful not to damage your items and we’ll leave your house in order, just the way we found it. Allow us to make things easier in your world. We’d love to hear what upcoming projects you have in store for us. Please contact us today so we can discuss how we can service you. Whether it be painting, replacing wood or even replacing a kitchen, we are who you have been looking for. So take a break, and let us put the relaxation back in your home.

Five Reasons to Leave Gutter Cleaning to The Pros

Regular gutter cleaning is important to keep your gutters functioning properly. You could handle this job yourself, or you could hire a professional company to do it. Here are five reasons why leaving this duty to the pros is a good idea.

Five Reasons to Leave Gutter Cleaning to The Pros


It’s rough work. It can take all day for an inexperienced person, and you’ll need to climb up and down a ladder many times. It requires endurance and resilience that professionals have built up throughout their careers.


It’s not the safest job. You’ll have to reach far away from your body to get to leaves and debris, which is risky while standing on top of a ladder. Professionals have special equipment and training to keep them safer while cleaning gutters.


Gutter cleaning requires special tools for a thorough job. While you could buy the tools, you’re likely a novice at using them. You may not know which piece of equipment to use where, and figuring out proper use is frustrating.


You’ll have a mess to clean up. As if the actual gutter cleaning isn’t stressful enough, you’ll also have to scoop up all the leaves and debris you tossed on your lawn. Professionals will clean up the mess for you.


Gutter cleaning companies have insurance. If you hire a friend to do the work, that person likely doesn’t have insurance, which leaves you liable if your friend gets hurt on your property.

Excellent American Painting offers quality gutter cleaning services. To speak with a professional about having your gutters cleaned, please contact us.

Important Information Before Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure washing your home is a common summertime project. Homeowners complete this task to extend the life of their home’s exterior, improve curb appeal, and maintain a home’s value. Dirt, grime, and mold cling to your home’s exterior.  It seems like a great project for a sunny Sunday afternoon. However, pressure washing your home is best left to a professional. Below we’ll discuss the important information you should know before pressure washing your home.

Important Information Before Pressure Washing Your Home

Your health and your home’s health relies on the proper use of a pressure washer, having a working knowledge of the equipment, and knowing the correct safety practices. ConsumerReports warns homeowners, “despite the benefits, [pressure washing] can cause serious injury—and few consumers may appreciate just how serious. A pressure washer’s powerful spray is hazardous when misdirected, strong enough to damage skin in an instant. Lacerations are the most common injury, followed by bruises, punctures, and eye injuries.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated 6,057 people went to the emergency room from pressure washing injuries in 2014. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that seemingly minor looking injuries can result in infection, disability, or amputation. Also, objects are thrown from mishandling a pressure washer’s sprayer, injuring those nearby.

Beyond the threat of serious injury, pressure washers can damage your home. They can rip apart window screens and peel paint. Water can get behind siding and masonry, becoming trapped and causing mold issues. High-pressure water can blow through window and door seals, getting into your house and damaging furniture, floors, and walls.

While it is a good idea to clean your home’s exterior, it is a better idea to use a professional for your own safety and that of your home. If you would like to talk about pressure washing your home, and need more information, please contact us.

Call for Exterior Painting Services When Selling your Home

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, whether they are searching online or driving by in-person. Because curb appeal is so important, there are certain homes that may need exterior painting services before anyone will even step foot inside.

Call for Exterior Painting Services When Selling your Home

Homes in Need of a Trim Touch-Up

Sometimes, all that is needed is a trim touch-up, but attempting to do this yourself can end in disaster. Rickety ladders and dripping paint are just a few of the pitfalls.

Large Homes or Two-Story Homes

You may have done a great job painting your bathroom last year, but repainting the outside of a large home can be a daunting task. If you have a two-story house, painting it yourself could pose some serious safety concerns. Not only that, but it will take a very long time, and your time is better spent on other smaller home improvement projects.

Homes with Flaking Paint

Sanding and repainting a home with flaking paint is time-consuming, and you probably don’t have that kind of time. Leave this and other major painting projects to the professionals.

Homes Painted in an Unpopular Color

You were able to get past the lavender paint with green trim when you bought the house several years ago, but today’s buyers aren’t usually looking for fixer uppers. Your neighbors will also thank you when you switch to a light tan or pale yellow, perhaps with a traditional white trim. People like exterior colors to be conservative, so either change the color or be stuck there forever. Color changes are tricky, so again, leave it to the experts.

We are more than just a painting company, so please contact us with all of your home remodeling needs. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to trim touch-ups, Excellent American Painting is your one-call solution for preparing your home for the market.