Interior Painting Services Customized Just for You

Whether you are building a new house or simply remodeling, selecting paint colors is very important. After all, you will be staring at those walls every day when you wake up, eat meals with your family, watch tv, or just relax at home. The colors in your home should reflect your unique style and be customized to express your individuality. The question is: what paint color matches your personality? According to Faber Birren, an expert on color theory, your favorite color reflects your personality.

Interior Painting Services Customized Just for You

  • RED You are outgoing, lively, and impetuous. You have a quick temper and can get very emotional. You are a good athlete.
  • ORANGE You are friendly, kind, and love social gatherings. You are a great speaker and have lots of friends and acquaintances. You don’t always like to be serious.
  • YELLOW You set high standards for yourself and are a hard worker. You are an excellent planner and think things through very carefully before acting.
  • GREEN You are a well-rounded person. You have common sense and are very practical. You don’t like change. You enjoy good food and social gatherings. You care deeply about what others think of you.
  • GREEN-BLUE You like the finer things in life. You tend to dress very fashionably. You are a neat, tidy person. You have great self-control and always appear calm and cool on the outside.
  • PINK You have led a very cautious, protected life. You are very naive and problems throw you for a loop because you like everything calm and easy. You are a romantic at heart.
  • BROWN You are a very steady, predictable person. You are extremely careful, but can be stubborn when pushed. You like to save money. You are very dependable and responsible.
  • PURPLE You are creative and artistic. You are a very passionate person and can relate to the “flower child” mentality of the 1960s. You are very active on social issues.
  • BLUE You prefer to be alone in a soothing and tranquil environment. You love everything to be neat and in its place.

Where are you within this color spectrum? Contact us and allow us to help you decide which colors will make your home your haven.

Interior Painting Services: Make Your Kitchen Pop

When you are giving your kitchen a new look, there’s no reason for ordinary kitchen cabinets. In fact, cabinetry that pops is the hottest trend this season. Want to bring your kitchen into 2016 with our awesome interior painting services? Check out the newest trends for your kitchen cabinets that will make your kitchen pop.

Interior Painting Services: Make Your Kitchen Pop

Opposites Attract

High contrast kitchens are all the rage, and we can custom paint your cabinets black to contrast a white counter top or white to contrast a black counter top. Explore the possibilities!

Grey Is The New Black

The color gray is hot, and painting your kitchen cupboards a sophisticated gray adds a real touch of class to your kitchen. Grey matches everything and is the latest color choice for every room in the house.

Go Faux

Make your kitchen totally different using faux finishes. The possibilities are endless! Our expert faux finishing artists will make your cabinets into the focal point of your kitchen. You can create the look of stone, wood, or something totally out of your imagination. Our artists will turn your vision into a reality that you will enjoy every day.

There’s no need for a boring kitchen. Get creative with your cupboards and you’ll love the new look. At Excellent American Painting, our experienced professionals will treat your home as if it is their own. We are your one call solution for all your home improvements and offer outstanding residential and commercial painting and carpentry service. Contact us today for a free estimate.