Planning Kitchen and Bath Updates

The two most valuable remodel for any home are the kitchen and bathrooms. This is in part because these rooms are the least often remodeled rooms in your home. If your kitchen and bathrooms have styles that are from decades ago, it is probably time to consider an update. Planning kitchen and bath updates will allow you to customize your home the way you envision it.

Planning Kitchen and Bath Updates

Plan Ahead

While you have the walls open in a kitchen or a bathroom, it is time for your electrical wiring and plumbing inspected for signs of wear or problems. It is so much cheaper and more effective when this gets dealt with while the walls are already open. If you have an issue with these later, it will take opening the walls in places for repairs. That makes a lot more mess than having it done now. Also, now is a good time for inspecting everything hidden in your walls for issues. That means allowing a little room in your budget for upgrading anything that is not up to par.

Plan According to Your Budget

If you have room in your budget for everything that you desire, go big. If not consider these finance-friendly tips. Keeping your features in the same place saves money. That means you are not moving plumbing or electrical features around much. Keeping your stove in the same place means you don’t have to relocate the route to your vent fan outlet on the outside of your home. Keeping your tub and/or shower in the same place means the drain pipe is already there. Even if you need to replace some of these support systems, it doesn’t take re-framing.

Plan Your Features According to Your Lifestyle

If you never use the tub, consider replacing it with a shower. If you cook a lot, consider claiming the breakfast room area into your kitchen and adding in kitchen seating. Or if you don’t cook much, consider scaling back on your kitchen features and going with more open shelves that are popular today.


Remember how long it was since the last update for these rooms, and plan accordingly. Your style is important here. Choose colors for your more durable features that are either neutral or the color you want for a long time. If you love a color, having a kitchen sink in that color is great. If you don’t, it will get old quickly. This is why many sinks, tubs, and appliances are mostly offered in basic colors like white, black, and stainless. Choose a tile that gives your bath or kitchen pizzazz without limiting you to colors that you will tire of. Once again, if you don’t love a particular color that much, go neutral.


Big colors now are blues and greens. Pinks are gaining in favor, as is yellow. Black is the new grey, or so many design magazines are saying. However, remember that darker colors make rooms feel small. Keep these for big rooms or accent colors. When planning where you want color, wall colors are easily changed. So are curtains and towels. These are good places for colors that you want now and might not want later. Small appliances like toasters wear out often and make great places for a splash of color. Otherwise, have fun.

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Interior Painting Services: Make Your Kitchen Pop

When you are giving your kitchen a new look, there’s no reason for ordinary kitchen cabinets. In fact, cabinetry that pops is the hottest trend this season. Want to bring your kitchen into 2016 with our awesome interior painting services? Check out the newest trends for your kitchen cabinets that will make your kitchen pop.

Interior Painting Services: Make Your Kitchen Pop

Opposites Attract

High contrast kitchens are all the rage, and we can custom paint your cabinets black to contrast a white counter top or white to contrast a black counter top. Explore the possibilities!

Grey Is The New Black

The color gray is hot, and painting your kitchen cupboards a sophisticated gray adds a real touch of class to your kitchen. Grey matches everything and is the latest color choice for every room in the house.

Go Faux

Make your kitchen totally different using faux finishes. The possibilities are endless! Our expert faux finishing artists will make your cabinets into the focal point of your kitchen. You can create the look of stone, wood, or something totally out of your imagination. Our artists will turn your vision into a reality that you will enjoy every day.

There’s no need for a boring kitchen. Get creative with your cupboards and you’ll love the new look. At Excellent American Painting, our experienced professionals will treat your home as if it is their own. We are your one call solution for all your home improvements and offer outstanding residential and commercial painting and carpentry service. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Saving Money on Kitchen Remodeling

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, we nourish our family in it, not just with food but also with love and support. We entertain guests, assemble science projects, and teach life lessons to our teens in the kitchen.

Saving Money on Kitchen Remodeling

So when that kitchen is looking worn or outdated, it can affect how we feel too. To help save money on your next kitchen remodel you can follow these easy tips.

Don’t Replace Everything

Instead of completely gutting the kitchen choose to replace only the cabinet doors, the countertops, and backsplash, or fixtures and flooring instead. Leaving the original layout also saves money in plumbing costs by not moving sinks and pipes around.

Check out Local Retailers

Instead of shopping at big name stores check out the local building suppliers that contractors use. The savings here could be up to 20% on your remodeling budget. You can also save money by checking out refurbishing places such as ReStore by Habitat for Humanity for used cabinets, windows and doors and fixtures.

Do Some Work Yourself

If you decide to work with a contractor you can still save money by doing some work yourself. Such as doing the demolition, clean-up, and picking up supplies yourself. Doing the backsplash or flooring yourself will help slash that renovation budget too.

Shop for Floor Models

Shopping the floor models of appliances comes with considerable savings and sometimes comes with the same warranties as stock models. Also, shop late in the year to take advantage of stores wanting to make room for next year’s models. You may also make some good savings by asking if the store accepts trade-ins for your old appliances.

A kitchen remodel is an exciting project and adds value to your home but it shouldn’t be a huge drain on your finances if you shop right and have a great contractor.

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Make Cabinets New Again With Cabinet Re-Finishing

Installing new cabinets is a costly and time-consuming endeavor that often involves the complete shutdown of your kitchen. Refinishing cabinets, however, provides the same aesthetic upgrade and decor re-invigoration of those newly installed but eliminates the drawbacks.

Excellent American Painting, provides you with a wide range of options for breathing new life into your old cabinets that fit your needs and your budget. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff work with you to ensure that the finished project is exactly what you want.

Make Cabinets New Again With Cabinet Re-Finishing

Some of the cabinet refinishing techniques and options provided include:

  • Resurfacing and Refinishing
  • New Cabinet Doors
  • New Handles and Hinges
  • New Shelving
  • Decorative Trim
  • And More

Refinishing your cabinets also gives you the opportunity to completely change the decor without undertaking a major construction project and in a fraction of the time. Rustic, modern, traditional and many other styles are easily achieved by simply replacing existing hardware, updating the doors and applying the corresponding finish.

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