Create a Focal Point in Every Room Using Paint

If you’re looking for an economical way to update the look of your home and create a focal point in various rooms, using interior wall paint is the perfect solution. By using spectacular colors, whether in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or any other room in your home, you can create looks that you and your family will love.

Create a Focal Point in Every Room Using Paint

Living Room Paint

To create a focal point in your main living area, paint a full accent wall behind your sofa. Choose a bold color for a dramatic look, such as red or purple. For a serene look, opt for a pastel yellow or very light green. If you prefer neutrals, then select a darker shade of your current wall color. For example, if your walls are beige, then use brown for your accent wall. If your walls are gray, use a darker gray for the accent wall. For white walls, choose a soft cream color as your accent paint.

Bedroom Paint

In a bedroom, a fabulous way to create a focal point is to paint the wall behind your bed. You can use color on the entire wall or just the area that spans the width of your bed from floor to ceiling. If you have a door in the bedroom that leads out to a patio or balcony, you can use that wall as a focal point instead by painting it with a coordinating hue that matches the rest of your bedroom decor.

Bathroom Paint

Even in a small space like a bathroom, you can use paint to create a focal point. If you have a freestanding tub, paint the wall that your bathtub sets against with an attractive color to draw attention to that area. Alternatively, you can add color to the wall behind your vanity and mirror. Only use color on the space that spans the bathroom vanity and then paint all the way up to the ceiling. This type of paint job creates a gorgeous look whether you have a single sink or double sinks. To catch the eye, you can even use paint with a little bit of sparkle in it.

Interior paint can be used to update the look of any room in your home. For more information about interior paint colors and the different ways to use them, please contact us today.

Interior Painting – Coloring The World You Live In.

There are few things we take for granted more than the paint and finish of the walls of our homes. Yet there aren’t many things that we live with so closely, that set the mood, and color the day-to-day dramas and the smallest moments of modern life.

Interior Painting - Coloring The World You Live In.

Perhaps your family has outgrown an old-fashioned style, or maybe you’ve been living too long with the color choices of your home’s previous owners. Whatever the case may be, when the time finally comes to breathe new life into the walls of your home you’ll probably find yourself with more than a few questions about how to get satisfying results with such an important part of your world.

Maybe you’ve considered trying to save a little money and doing it yourself. Most of us have undertaken a do-it-yourself painting job of some kind at some point. But the preparation, sampling, painting and clean-up are only part of the equation. Long after the careful prepping and tedious labor are completed, the real life of your painting project begins; the years of life your family will spend enjoying the results.

You can take the first step towards a worry-free painting process by requesting a quote online, or having a talk with Excellent American Painting‘s color consulting service. When you’ve got your color choices narrowed down, you can count on pricing that doesn’t change, unless you decide to change the size of the project. You can also count on friendly painters who respect your home and take pride in leaving you with beautiful results that you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends. Our business is built on quality work and attention to detail. Your satisfaction is the most important part of any job we do. You can count on great communication at every step of the way, and we’re not done until we follow up and make sure you absolutely love the results. Your life is lived inside your home, let us help you color it beautifully.

Talk to us at Excellent American Painting Services, we’d love to hear about what we can do for you and your home.

Popular Paint Color Choices for a Chic Interior

After several years time, all houses need a little touch-up to keep them looking in top shape. An excellent way to accomplish this is with paint. To give your home a fresh, new look, consider repainting the interior of each room. If you can’t decide on a specific paint color for the walls, the below suggestions can guide you. Several excellent choices exist that will give your rooms a chic appearance.

Popular Paint Color Choices for a Chic Interior

Creamy White — Still one of the most popular paint choices with homeowners, white brightens a room and allows you more freedom with your decorating since it goes with everything. Choose a white with light creamy undertones so that the color isn’t a blinding white, which can look too sterile.

Taupe — If white seems too ordinary, or you’re just ready for something different, try a gorgeous taupe color. This shade is a combination of gray and beige, so it looks fabulous with traditional as well as contemporary decor. It’s a great compromise when you can’t agree on one specific color since it’s a mixture of two commonly favorite shades blended into one.

Dusty Rose — For a color that’s simple, yet elegant, try dusty rose. This shade is a muted tone of pink. Don’t let the pink scare you away though, because this color also includes undertones of gray to balance it out. It looks chic with both light and dark wood stains, making it quite versatile and a favorite, regardless of your decor style.

Blue-Green — A paint color that is gaining popularity with homeowners is one that consists of a delicate blue-green. Both the blue and green tones, blended with only a touch of each, combine flawlessly to produce a soft, pale result.  This wall color goes exceptionally well with white cabinetry in your kitchen and bathrooms. Furniture and materials in gray or with gray accents will also genuinely highlight this distinctive color.

For more information about interior paint colors, or to set up an appointment to get the rooms in your home painted, please contact us today.

Interior Painting: How to Update Your Decor

When you want to update your home, you don’t always need to go through a massive renovation that takes a lot of time and money. You can create a fresh and stylish look in your interior by merely using paint.

Interior Painting: How to Update Your Decor

Three Ways to Update Your Decor with Paint

Full Paint Job — One way to update your home’s look is to repaint one or more rooms completely. For a traditional appearance, you can select white, off-white, or a cream color. For something more stylish, opt for light gray or a beige color. When repainting an entire room, be careful not to go too dark, or the area might start to feel small and claustrophobic.

Accent Wall Paint — For a trendy look, create an accent wall in one or more rooms. You’ll want to select a bold color that differs from the color on the remaining walls. Or for a more serene look, you can choose a different shade of the same color. You can also use various types of texture so that the accent wall will stand out more in the room.

Spot Painting — If you want to add some additional interest to individual rooms, paint the baseboards and doors (or just the jambs) a contrasting color. You can keep the color neutral for a sophisticated look or choose a wild color to infuse some fun into the room, such as when you’re updating an entertainment space or a child’s room.

When you paint your home’s interior, the choices are almost unlimited. You can create any look or feel that you want based on your color selections. For more information on interior painting, please contact us today.