Gutter Cleaning is Not Something That You Should Ignore

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you might not find yourself thinking about your gutters very often. After all, gutters can be an “out of sight, out of mind” type of thing. However, your gutters have a very important job, and keeping them clean is essential. Gutter cleaning is not something that you should ignore and below we’ll discuss why.

Gutter Cleaning is Not Something That You Should Ignore

When gutters become clogged with various types of debris, such as leaves, tree branches, and dirt, then it makes it difficult or impossible for the water from your roof to flow through the gutters and away from your home as it is supposed to. This can lead to water standing on your roof, which can cause serious roof leaks.

Additionally, if the water is not directed far enough away from your home, which your gutters are supposed to do, then it can end up flowing alongside your foundation. Over time, this can cause foundation issues with your home.

Preventing your roof from leaking is important if you want to avoid costly roofing repairs and if you want your roof’s lifespan to be what it’s supposed to be. Additionally, a leaky roof can cause damage to the inside of your home, costing you money. Foundation damage to a home can also be very expensive.

Gutter cleaning, on the other hand, is affordable and can be done quickly and easily by the right professional. Then, you can avoid all of these problems and so much more. If you are looking for someone who you can count on to clean your gutters quickly and efficiently and at a fair price, contact us at Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service today.

Three Important Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off Any Longer

When it comes to maintaining your home, it pays to be proactive. Ignoring necessary home repairs can lead to costly bills in the long run. Here are three repair jobs you should check off your to-do list before they turn into expensive construction work.

Three Important Home Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off Any Longer

Repair leaking plumbing. Have you noticed a constant dripping from the pipes under your sink? Or maybe a damp spot in your cabinet, or a discoloration on your ceiling? All of these indicate you have a leak that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with rotting cabinetry, spongy floorboards or cracking plaster that will all need to be replaced. And even worse, you’ll very likely end up with mold growing in the affected area. Repair leaky plumbing and fixtures before they can turn into a disaster.

Repair and repaint your home’s exterior. Getting your home painted is really a home maintenance task – until you put it off for too long and start to see damage on your home’s exterior. As your house gets older and goes through years of changing the weather, the paint will start to flake and chip. Any exposed wood will begin to rot and become attractive to pests. Our team of painting and carpentry professionals can evaluate your home’s exterior condition, make any necessary repairs, and protect your home with a professional, long-lasting exterior paint job.

Replace leaking and bent gutters. Your gutters are one of those things you don’t think about when it’s sunny and don’t want to think about when it’s raining. If you’ve neglected your gutters for too long, you’ll find that the weight of leaves, branches, and water has probably caused gutter damage over time. Bugs have probably taken up residence in the gutter debris, and may even be finding a way into your home. And the constant pooling of rain water will slowly lead to roof damage. Always clean your gutters at least twice a year, and repair any leaking or damaged sections as soon as you notice them.

Home maintenance and preventative repair tasks are a reality of home ownership. Contact us to learn how our experienced professionals can take these tasks off your hands and leave you with a beautiful home in great condition.