Six Electrical Repairs & Replacement Tasks You Should Not Overlook

The old safety warning that most accidents happen in the home is accurate. While we may feel the safest in our homes, it’s essential to double check the infrastructure of where we live to make sure everything is in good working order. Six Electrical Repairs & Replacement Tasks You Should Not Overlook

Here’s a checklist to ensure your house is up-to-date and safe.

Six Electrical Repairs & Replacement Tasks You Should Not Overlook

Get some GFCI Wall Outlets 

If you blow dry your hair in the bathroom, or if your toaster oven is on your kitchen counter, it is vital that your wall outlets be equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter. If your appliance comes in contact with water, or if the device detects abnormal electrical flow, the wall outlet will turn off and thus protect you from a potential ground-fault. For standard wall outlets, we recommend the receptacle type because they are not expensive and can easily be installed.

Listen to Your Circuit Breakers

The most effective way to keep yourself safe in regards to electrical safety is to listen to your circuit breaker when there’s a problem. For example, if your breaker trips immediately after resetting it, then that is an indication that something is severely wrong and you should call an electrician immediately to check it out. Repeatedly pressing the breaker is not a good idea – that will just more likely cause an electrical fire.

Buy a Portable Fire Extinguisher for your House

Install a portable fire extinguisher in your kitchen or basement to protect you and your family in case of fire. However, check the class type of your extinguisher. If you’re cooking a meal with olive oil, for example, and a fire starts on your stove, you will need a Class K fire extinguisher to put out that fire. Water alone won’t be sufficient. If you have a fire extinguisher already, double check its class type and make sure it is equipped to put out the right kinds of fires.

Baby Proof Your Cabinets and Closets

Children are naturally curious, but you want to keep their curiosity in check. Update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with child security locks. There are different kinds available, but the most useful varieties will be tamper-resistant for children but comfortable enough for adults to open without a key.

Stock up with an Emergency Supply Kit

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you should keep “a battery-powered radio with extra batteries, canned food and a manual can opener, flashlights and battery-powered lamps for power failures” in your house in case of an emergency. Keep your kit in a safe place and let everyone in your home know where its located.

Update Your Smoke Detectors

Of course, you should check the batteries in your smoke detectors, but we recommend you also update your detector to alert you in case of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. This could be caused by a gas leak, and since it has no scent, it is called the silent killer. You can easily buy combination detectors that both alert you in case of smoke caused by fire and carbon monoxide.

We hope you will keep you and your family safe with these tips. If you need help updating your home for safety this Summer contact us.

Electrical Repairs and Replacement

Electricity is one of the most valuable assets in our homes, and one of the most dangerous when it has a problem. This is why you should not hesitate in calling us if you have an issue with your electrical system. Our qualified technicians are experienced professionals, who will ensure that your electrical repairs are done right to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

Electrical Repairs and Replacement

Older Homes

If your home is several decades old, it was wired for a time when electricity did not play as big a part of life as it does today. We have increased the amount of electronic devices in our homes in ways that home builders did not anticipate. If your lights dim when something starts up, especially your air conditioner, you do not have enough power coming in for everything. You need more circuits in the home, and you usually need a service up-grade.

Common Problems

Even if your home is not older, you might need more circuits in areas. If your lights dim when you start using something else in the room, that is a sign of an over-loaded circuit. If you are blowing breakers on a regular basis, that is another sign that you need more power, at least in places. Kitchens are notorious for this problem, because of the amount of power used by microwaves, coffee pots, and electric cooking equipment. That counter-top grill is great. But when you put it on the same circuit as the microwave, you can expect problems when they are both on.

Another common problem is when something feels hot, or if you see sparks. Heat is a natural byproduct of electricity, but too much is bad. If your outlet or light switch has these issues, please don’t wait on this. House fires are a lot more expensive than an electrical repair.

At Excellent American Painting & Handyman Service, we care about your home and your safety. For more information on this or any of your home improvement needs, contact us today.